Let’s discuss

Hello and welcome! My name is Justine and I invite you to join me in a discussion about beauty. In a world where there are so many beautiful things for us to discover and appreciate (flowers, iPhones, baby ducks!) so often we seem to be completely unable to see the beauty in ourselves. I’m not sure if this is from reading too many magazines,  being bullied by peers as children, or from not being given proper encouragement from our parents. It’s different for everyone, however most of the women I know struggle with issues of body and beauty acceptance, myself included.

Everyone has some part of their lives that makes them feel beautiful, whether it’s putting on make-up, dancing, hanging out with friends, hiking, or any number of things. Unfortunately we so often leave that confidence at the door and go out into the world feeling awful about ourselves, and then we tell everyone else how awful we feel too. We forget how easy it can be, how simple little things are, we throw them all out the window because we don’t have the perfect nose or the flattest stomach, and it sucks. I’m sick of hearing the beautiful women in my life trash themselves all the time, and if I have to start a blog to get them all to love themselves, well then here I go!

So stay tuned, my first real post is going to be about one of the many women who is adding to other women’s scorn of their bodies. Surprise, surprise, she works for a beauty magazine.



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2 responses to “Let’s discuss

  1. alison

    guilty as charged, I look forward to your inspring blogs……my beautiful Justine.

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