Prom Beauty

It’s prom season. Kids are getting picked up in limos left and right, and florist shops are busy making last-minute corsages and boutonnieres for that apex of adolescence, prom night. I was lucky enough to do the make-up for my cousin Emily last night before she hopped in her limo and went off with her date, hopefully to have a blast. Here’s a little before and after for you:

Obviously she is adorable to begin with:

But then SHAZAM—makeup.

Whether you like wearing makeup or not, you have to admit, sometimes it’s fun right? At first Emily wanted natural makeup, but I (and best friend Erica) were like, “hello, prom!” so we went for a smokey silvery eye instead.

Prom is a time to have fun, and us Long Islanders do it like nobody else. The whole world thinks we are crazy for our love of prom, myself included. I was the one, after all, who was set on not attending my prom, because I was such a cool non-conformist.

Part of the reason I had planned not to attend my prom was because of the spectacle it is here on Long Island, there are red carpets, balloon arches, and insane limos. It can definitely be a stressful and silly endeavor. When my mother finally convinced me to go, in order to avoid later regrets, I realized that I actually did want the whole thing, because it was a chance to celebrate with my friends and have fun. I put together my own outfit, brought one of my best friends as my date, had an amazing time, and as mom promised, have no regrets.

Yes we are prom crazy in NY and NJ, but there are worse things to celebrate. There are always going to be those people who go overboard, and of course teens will be teens and get rowdy, but didn’t we all? The south has debutante balls, and people get really excited about things like football in other parts of the country, so what’s wrong with a little prom craziness, as long as you’re not putting yourself or anyone else in debt?

It was really nice to see Emily enjoying her high school moment, god knows they go by too fast. We live in a very cynical world, but it’s nice to look at something that gets a bad rap like prom, and let ourselves see the beauty in it every once in a while. Seventeen is an age when you have the world in front of you as you celebrate the life you’re leaving behind, it’s a rite of passage, and people who are lucky enough to have a prom should enjoy their moment. I know Emily is going to.

She sort of has a Taylor Swift thing going on, no?

So, to all of you graduating and celebrating at prom or wherever, congrats, and I hope you dance till you just can’t stand it! Here’s one of me and my prom date, circa 2001, just for kicks.



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7 responses to “Prom Beauty

  1. haren

    Hey, maybe we should all send in our cool prom pictures to evaluate what looks stand the test of time

  2. Jennifer

    That prom article is so adorable. Your dress was amazing!

  3. lizzy

    yes! i wanna see mrs. zwiebel’s prom pictures! i’ll allow justine to put mine up if you show yours!

  4. oliveit


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