Lovable Lipsticks

It often seems like you’re either a lipstick person or you’re not. My generation seems to prefer lip gloss and lip stains, not to mention tinted lip balm, over your standard lipstick. I think the time is ripe for a lipstick comeback, and I credit Mad Men for paving the way, who doesn’t want to look like Joan Holloway? I was never that much of a lipstick person. I tend to forget I’m wearing it and smudge it everywhere, and I’m also too lazy to re-apply it. My collection stands at a measly 29, and most of them are either from Clinique bonuses or gratis I received while working for M.A.C. Recently however, I’ve rediscovered lipstick, which has sparked me to go back and check out what I have, and of course buy some new ones!

Here is my current collection, not so interesting, definitely not nearly as interesting as nail polish.

Within seconds of setting these out my adorably, evil cat Loki jumped up into the middle of the shot, then he just sat there, all pissed at me for invading his space. Ugh, cats.

Some lipsticks I keep only because I love the packaging, mainly this applies to Anna Sui, in fact I’ve never been too crazy about any of her make-up, but the packaging gets me every time, I do love her perfume though.

Moving on, with lipstick you really need to see the color, and you can never tell what it looks like until you try it on. Unlike things like nail polish or eyeliner, you need to choose a shade that works with your skin tone. I was going to photograph the colors on my hand, but it wasn’t very interesting, so I got my lovely fiance James to try them out for me—no wait, just to photograph me, that would have been creepy. I’m also trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera so I won’t freak out when I have to take my wedding pictures, so please bear with me!

This is one of my favorites, and it’s only $12 at Sephora. It goes on a bit sheer and is very moisturizing!

Sephora Lip Attitude – Glamour in Rosy Frivol $12

This shade is a matte pinkish brown, I think it flatters a lot of skin tones, it was one of the bestselling shades when I worked at M.A.C, and I think it still is.

M.A.C. lipstick in Twig $14

If I were to eat a lipstick (which probably wouldn’t be advisable) it would be this one. It’s the most expensive in my collection by far at $30, but it is oh so delicious! It goes on very light and can be layered, and it has a glossy finish. A great summer lipstick, it’s not heavy at all, and gives a perfect, bright wash of color.

Gloss Volupte in Frozen Cherry $30

I used to wear this shade a lot and have only just rediscovered it. It has a 60’s mod vibe because it is a very light pink, not too bright. It is part of the Lustre Lipstick collection from M.A.C, which I happen to love because they are slightly more sheer and not messy, very easy to apply.

Mac Lustre lipstick in Lovelorn $14

I can’t pass up a Clinique bonus, which is where I got this shade. It is very berry colored, nice in the fall, and as usual with the Clinique bonuses it flatters many skin tones.

Clinique Different Lipstick in A Different Grape $14

I usually go for bright when I wear lipstick, but this one is a very pretty nude, very comfortable to wear, and goes on nice and smooth.

Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Blushing Nude $14

I had to leave out a bunch of my favorite colors because they’re no longer available, but I couldn’t leave this one out even though it was a limited edition and was discontinued. It is RED, like, serious red. It’s a huge pain to apply because it gets everywhere, but when you put it on you just have to pout like Gwen Stefani or snarl like Cyndi Lauper, which is fun, everyone should try a red lip every once in a while! You can try M.A.C in Russian Red or Lady Bug for a similar effect, or YSL Rouge Volupte in Red Muse ($34).

M.A.C. lipstick in Powerhouse (discontinued)

Remember what I said about skin tone and lipstick, yeah well here is an example of why it is important, gold lips + pale skin=not good.

This color has been discontinued also, but you can try the shade Chintz, for a similar frosty golden look.

M.A.C. lipstick in Golden Rule (discontinued)

I’ll end with my favorite lipstick, I got this one free with the back to M.A.C, which is a great program where you can bring six empty M.A.C. products (powder, lipstick, whatever as long as it’s M.A.C) and they give you a free lipstick, you can find more information about it here. It’s a great way to get a free product, and recycle.

I love this color, pink, bright, light, love it. I think this is the perfect shade for summer!

M.A.C Lustre Lipstick in Lustering $14

How does everyone else feel about lipstick, do you wear it? Does it make you feel beautiful? Do you have a favorite shade? If you don’t wear it, why not?


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19 responses to “Lovable Lipsticks

  1. The M.A.C. Twig-colored lipstick is prolly what’s best for me. (I’m crossing my fingers that it’s available in my side of the world).

    This is a really helpful post btw. I was just thinking of buying new lipstick but can’t think of nice brands/shades. (I’m a newbie with make-up)

    off topic, were you ever told that you look a bit like Lady Gaga? especially in the photo for the M.A.C. lipstick in Powerhouse. 🙂

    • Cielo, I’ve never been told that, but I love her, so thank you! I’m glad the post was helpful, Twig is one of their older and most popular colors, so I would think that most M.A.C.’s would keep it in stock, I hope you can get your hands on it!

  2. Megan

    I find that lipstick doesn’t work that well on me. You can always see the line where my lips meet the inside of my mouth when I talk and I think it looks strange. Glosses and stains work. And of course, there is the old standby – Burt’s Bees.

  3. haren

    I love lipstick. I have been wearing bright red since the sixties (oops now you know how old I am) when everyone was wearing white. White lipstick is for ghosts!

  4. lizzy

    one thing i definitely learned from this post is that you have a FANTASTIC lip shape! you have doll lips! i like berry colored lip color. i think lip color is important, especially on pale skinned people like us. it makes your whole face more defined.
    ps i love the illustrations and photos!!

  5. Nan

    You are right that women of your mom’s generation, which includes me, definitely favored lipstick over gloss. But, then, I think, we tried to evolve with the times, but feeling kind of blah! Lipstick is one of the hardest kind of cosmetics to buy. it should compliment your skin tone and brighten your eyes but not be too obvious unless that is THE point! Your blog has given me something to look forward to and share. Thanks.

    • Thanks Nan! Lipstick is tough, I’m trying to make a commitment to wearing it and remembering to re-apply it, it also has the added benefit of sun protection, so that motivates me too!

  6. sara

    I’m pretty sure I bought an Anna Sui lipstick a few years ago just because of the packaging too. Same with one by Paul & Joe cause the packaging reminded me of something my grandma had. But I never really used either of them. Lipstick either feels too heavy or sticky or it’s just too much work (I’m lazy).

  7. kristen

    the lovelorn looks fab on you. I’m def more of a lip gloss gal. I’ve been searching forever for a great red lipstick though. EVERYTHING i buy looks pink on me! How odd

    • Kristen, maybe you just have naturally beautiful pink lips, nothing wrong with that, but I would definitely recommend one of the M.A.C. Lustre lipsticks, they’re fairly inexpensive (compared to YSL and other brands) and lightweight too. I’m sure you would look really great in red lipstick!

  8. Another great collection of colours!! Love those lip colours on you, each giving a different look and mood.

  9. Love this post! It was really really great! I lov ehow you acutually tried on the lip colours – because you are right – it can look great in the tube but not on you! After reading your post I am going to Back to MAC my 6 products and pick up Twig! it is so pretty! I have recently fallen in love with lipsticks and my collection is growing too 🙂

    p.s. adorable cat

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re taking it back to M.A.C., I think I will be doing it again soon so I can add some more lipsticks to my collection, it’s a great trade!

  10. oliveit

    LOVE the pics. Its so nice to see on and you look so beautiful! I think I’m going to try the Mac Lustre! Another FAB post!

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