Beauty Bullseye: Best Red Nail for Summer

In the comments last week Joanne asked:

“…anyone know of a great “red” I haven’t tried yet???”

I went to reply and realized I could do a whole post about it!

I love red nail polish, it’s a classic, and as nails go, it can even be considered a neutral in some instances, it’s hard to go wrong with a red nail. There are of course many varieties, and some work better than others.

In my collection I have winter reds and summer reds. The summer reds have more orange in them, and the winter reds are usually darker and occasionally have sparkle (for some reason I like glitter more in the winter I’m not sure why, maybe we need it more when it’s so dark all the time).

I started going through my collection of reds and picked out the top five crimsons for summer, after all, it is the first day of summer, so lets turn up the heat!

I hope these pics give you an idea of how the colors look on.

Let’s start with a color from Essie, Red Nouveau, it is a great standard red, not too orange, not too blue, but just right, thumbs up!

This is Big Apple Red from OPI, it’s one of my favorite reds for year round, works great in every season, it consistently gets rated the top red by fashion mags and blogs. It has a slightly blue undertone, and is a very rich, deep red.

Another great color from Essie, below we have Lollipop, this is a wonderful summer red as it has a healthy dose of orange, making it perfect for the heat with a bright pop of juicy candy color.

Next up, this shade comes from Orly (a brand not as popular as others, but equally as good, and usually a bit cheaper too) the color is Haute Red. The last couple of years it has been my favorite red for summer. It definitely has a lot of orange in it while still remaining firmly in the red category.

As I mentioned in my lipstick post I credit Mad Men with bringing back lipstick, well I’m also not able to watch an episode of the show without admiring the perfect bright red nails sported by Betty Draper. I’ve found this color comes the closest to that classic bright red.

Lastly I’ve included a color from Revlon, it’s the only Revlon nail polish I own. It’s called Cherries in the Snow, and while it isn’t as bright a red as I typically like for summer I still categorize it as a summer color despite the name. It has a strong blue undertone, and is flattering on paler skin, so if you’re like me and choose to forgo a summer tan (because a tan on me is really just a sunburn) this shade will help keep you nice and cool this season. It’s a classic color, I like it because my mom and grandmother used to wear it too. It’s a family tradition!

Here’s a group shot.

Loki likes them too.

Now that my left hand is sporting a different red on each nail, I think it’s time to grab my nail polish remover and paint on a new shade.

Who else has recommendations? I’d love to hear them!

Happy solstice everyone!



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7 responses to “Beauty Bullseye: Best Red Nail for Summer

  1. Megan

    Every time I look for a summer red (cause I feel the same way you do, there are summer and winter reds) I always see one that looks good, get excited, pick it up and it turns out to be O.P.I. Big Apple Red. Every time. It is just the perfect color. It’s sitting on my desk right now and is daring me to paint my toes.

  2. haren

    What about OPI’s “I’m not really a waitress”?

  3. Katie

    I really like the Orly Haute Red. I have never used the Orly brand but tend to lean towards more orange-corals for a summer red!

  4. lizzy

    i like the red nails against the green background! complimentary colors, you go girl!

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