Beauty Bullseye: Target

I went to Target yesterday for the first time in about a year, and I literally had to force myself to leave because I was spending way too much money. Target is one of those stores I’m never really excited to go to, but then I always end up finding lots of great stuff once I actually get there.

I’ve been annoyed by Target before because I get all psyched about the designer lines (like Anna Sui or Rodarte) and then by the time I get there I can only find one cruddy dress in either XXL or XXS, both not helpful. Then I get resentful when magazines feature their clothes or I see people wearing them on TV and I don’t want to go back, I’m vengeful like that.

When I went this time I was impressed that they had a better price on plain white Hanes T-shirts (for James) than even Costco or Marshall’s—amazing; Six for $10 that’s less than two bucks a shirt!

The thing with shopping is knowing where to get certain things, and while there is some stuff (like jewelry or jeans) I prefer to buy elsewhere, Target has a lot of product smooshed into one store. The one by me is even in the process of adding on a huge grocery section, so they’re really trying to compete with Wal-Mart.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, may I take a moment to talk about it? Looking at the difference between these two stores can be very interesting. They’re major competitors, but to be real, Wal-Mart leaves Target in the dust on this one. Wal-Mart is HUGE, I mean they’re enormous. Each week one-third of the population of the United States visits a Wal-Mart store. Within 10 years after a Wal-Mart opens in a small town it is possible that half their original retail operations, usually “mom and pop” stores, will have closed. Wal-Mart is anti-union, anti-woman, anti-gay, and have recently been in the news for losing a suit filed by a type 1 diabetic who they fired for testing his blood sugar more frequently than Wal-Mart deemed necessary. Which on top of getting him fired, also nearly killed him, and it’s not the first time it has happened either. If you actually start trudging through the information out there on Wal-Mart, it gets really scary. I’m sure most of us know all this already, but they continue to be one of the largest corporations in the world. It seems that they are the living example of evil big business and why it is so very bad. Whoa, that path took me a long way from my pleasant Target shopping trip, but once I get started on Wal-Mart it’s hard to stop, I apologize!

Let me navigate back to my point, Target is the second biggest discount store after Wal-Mart in the states, which means that it is enormous too, so they also do their part to contribute to the urban sprawl. They’ve been criticized for having lead in their products and for failing to be pro-union, but you’re not going to find any huge corporation that isn’t guilty of something, or being sued by someone. Target has made the list of the top 100 best companies for working mothers by, they put a lot of emphasis on the diversity that they actively seek out, and they are the only major discount store that places design and functionality over simply keeping the prices as low as possible. So i know that they’re not saints, but they’re a heck of a lot better than Wal-Mart.

I would much prefer to buy everything from small businesses, but until we start seeing some subsidies for those little guys, my lack of funds will drive me to buy from places like Target, Costco, or Marshall’s. It’s sad that supporting small businesses has to be a luxury, but unfortunately that’s where we are at right now. So back to Target…

You can get a lot of stuff in this store, which I guess is part of the appeal. Especially on a rainy disgusting day, it offers a lot of goods in once place all at a reasonable, if not great price.

I got this dress for $15. Which is good because in the summer just thinking about pants makes me feel sweaty, isn’t it nice that in the summer you can get away with wearing what is essentially a house schmata in public?

This western shirt is really cute and fits over my boobs and hips, but it is still cut nicely and shows fitting through the waist.$17.99, good deal.

I also bought this other top (it’s not on the website so I had to take a picture) and I’m still not sure about it. It is one of those pieces that looks great on the hanger, and then you get it home and it’s not as flattering. I think it would be really cute on someone else but it cuts at an angle on the arm that I’m not crazy about.

What really sold it for me was the cute zipper on the back.

Don’t you just hate when you’re so excited about something until you get home and try it on? Then you have to debate whether to return it or not, this top was $14.99. As I sit here and look down at it on me, I’m very pleased with the way it looks and the feel of the fabric, but when I check it out in the mirror it’s like, gosh darn this is not cut right for me! Come to think of it, I don’t know if Target has fitting rooms, I didn’t see any.

Moving on, I also bought some face blotting sheets, and a cat food bowl, which is cute and pink, but I won’t take a picture of it because it’s filled with cat food now and that would be gross, and also, it’s not that exciting.

I bought Stardust on DVD too because I’m a fantasy nerd, it was $9.99, not bad.

And that completes my thoughts on my trip to Target, I’m sorry I didn’t buy more exciting things, maybe next time!

Who loves Target? Does anyone love Wal-Mart? Do you prefer to do your shopping at smaller stores? Tell me all about it!



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12 responses to “Beauty Bullseye: Target

  1. Megan

    I bought that schmata dress in black for my trip to Puerto Rico. I wore it mostly as a cover up, but it can definitely pass for a nice summer dress. Walmart is very evil and I refuse to shop there unless it is a dire emergency. Target is a little corporate and evil, but sometimes you need $3 flip flops and $9 swim trunks.

  2. Alison

    Oh target….I have to limit myself to only a few visits a year. I can’t get out of there without blowing atleast $100.00. They have everything, especially those items you never knew you needed (& probably don’t really need) I have a tripped planned to purchase huggable hangers and gray bedding. I am trying to create a more gender nuetral bedroom after my poor boyfriend said our new bedroom looks like a teenage girl lives there….so I have decided gray will be good and thanks to Kohl’s I have gotten a few gray pieces…..I have recently developed a love for Kohl’s, they have crazy sales I got 800 thread count sheets for $40…..What! ? I like the floral shirt on you…
    I love the zipper too! Want to be twins?

  3. haren

    I got a tall narrow laundry basket that I am just thrilled takes up less floor space and means I don’t have to scrape my knuckles on doorways carrying it around. I will not shop at Walmart. I would probably forage for food first.

  4. sara

    i love the dollar bins at target. there’s always some cute hello kitty junk that i don’t need, but can justify since it’s only a buck.
    i shop at wal-mart a lot lately. it’s mostly because their grocery section is cheaper than everywhere else (and they’re the only place that carries hard candy make-up). i wish i didn’t have to, but when you don’t have much to work with you don’t have much of a choice.

  5. LOVE Target. And shirts with zippers on the back (I just got one). And wearing little dresses in the summer (I’ve stopped caring how immodest I look. It’s too hot out to care).

    And my fiance is a type 1 diabetic. If anyone told him he was testing his bloodsugar too much, I’d kill them. That is so so so so so so so not ok.

  6. Kathleen

    The Targets I’ve been to most certainly have fitting rooms, and they are usually pretty clean. That’s another thing about Target vs WalMart- Targets are usually cleaner, at least in my area.

    I tend to only go to WalMart at Xmas time, or if there’s something I desperately need and can’t find anywhere.

    In clothes, Target has much better quality overall. WalMart stuff has shrunk, faded with just one washing, etc.

    I like shopping small stores, yes, but how many even exist anymore?

    The biggest problem with clothes almost anywhere these days is size consistency. I have a nice winter coat I got at Target maybe 3 or 4 yrs ago in sz Small, still fits, and I looked at coats there this past winter, and even the large coats were tight in my arms and chest.

    • Kathleen, that is very true about the size consistency! I noticed the same thing at Target the other day. Even within the same brand, I bought one shirt in a small and the other in a large—it makes no sense!

  7. Wilberthe

    My first and only time shopping at Target was a couple of years ago, and I remember just pretty much falling in love with the place. The only reason why I don’t go there more often is that my mom doesn’t like driving further than she has to to buy stuff (she shops at wall mart instead, unfortunately…)
    I’m going later this week to go dorm shopping though, and I’m so excited it’s almost pathetic. Almost.

    • It’s never pathetic to get excited over back-to-school shopping, I’ve been out of school for five years now (yikes!) and I miss the fun of buying new stuff for the new year — and Target has the best dorm stuff! I think almost everything in my dorm room was from Target, they always have cute extra long sheets!

  8. Nuala

    In my life, I’ve only been to Walmart once or twice. Once I found out how evil they are, I would ever shop in one. So far it’s been mostly moot, since there isn’t one near us. But, alas, a Walmart grocery store is coming. I will ignore it, of course.

    Among the many awful things they have done to their employees I particularly remember an incident a few years ago that made the national news. Walmart has a policy of locking in the overnight employees whoa re re-stocking, cleaning etc. Management locks the doors from the outside, so that employees (or any outsiders, I suppose) couldn’t steal any merchandise.
    Of course, if there is an emergency, the employees can’t get out, and no one can get in.

    One of the night-shift workers had a massive heart-attack. His coworkers called 911, and all the emergency services showed up, but were unable to get in to him in time, and the employees couldn’t get him out. By the time a manager showed up with keys, it was too late. The poor man had died.

    Can you imagine if there’d been a fire?

    I remember that Walmart tried justifying this policy for a while. I don’t remember if they caved-in to all the criticism & changed the policy, or if the media just moved on to some other controversy, such as a Hollywood bimbo having a garment malfunction…

    Finally, speaking of Walmart, and fashion & beauty: for fun, and to feel really good about yourself in comparison, take a look at
    I heard of this when some of these pictures had been sent to me as e-mails, so I just checked the source. (The earlier photos, with page#s in the 300s, seem better than the more recent, where they are trying too hard on the comments.)

  9. Kathy

    Love Target!!! They are opening one in NYC next week! I’m like you and have to really limit my purchases. How do you think it compares to TJ Maxx?

  10. alison

    I went on a limited trip to target…..a month after you blogged about it..I found the cute zipper shirt you bought for ten bux! (im a copy cat) Did you end up keeping yours? If so what did you pair it with? I also bought black leggings (on sale for $5) and I finally finally found the TREsemme dry shampoo…will tell you what I think after I give it a try. 🙂 Love this blog.

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