Beauty Grab Bag Fun-Time Vacation Day

I’m taking a break from well thought out posting today because I am overwhelmed with a long list of things to do which I keep putting off since I like writing this blog so much more than doing important stuff. I need to take care of some of those important things today so instead I am bringing you a potpourri of silly things, you can probably expect more posts like this as my wedding approaches and I start to panic.

Here’s a picture of a pretty new Orly nail polish I bought last week, it’s a mini bottle called it’s up to blue and was only $2.50 at CVS, it reminds me of mermaids, and I’ve been loving metallics recently, so I love it.

Here’s a funny video of the most amazing cat on the internet, if you haven’t seen him before check it out, his name is Winston and his owner is Rich, who writes a funny blog, and I’ve never seen another cat like him. I recommend watching it until the end if you think cats are funny.

He’s pretty amazing no? He also sleeps in a wooden bowl on the kitchen counter so he can guard his bananas, you think I’m kidding? Watch this:

Here is a pretty picture of chrysanthemums, it’s wedding inspiration for me.

I’ll leave you with a polyvore collage of cute stuff from modcloth, just for fun. I hope to see you back here tomorrow for Beauty in the Movies, this week we feature one of my favorites—Volver. It gets better every time you see it, so don’t forget to check back here to read more about it!


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9 responses to “Beauty Grab Bag Fun-Time Vacation Day

  1. Megan

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Winston, but what about Maru!?!

  2. katie

    DELIGHTFUL post! I LOVE Winston’s banana bowl! Also a big fan of the petal ring- super cute!

  3. haren

    I miss your regular posts. You’re cuter than Winston.

  4. lizzy

    VOLVER OUTFIT!!! i love the way she dresses in that movie. plus the little prostitute friend! i can’t wait!!

  5. Brian

    I love Volver, can’t wait.

  6. Jessica

    I like posts like this! i like the name of it also.
    i had never heard of modcloth, seriously.

    • I can’t believe you’ve never heard of them! They have really cute stuff, and they have their own section on polyvore too. Don’t worry more posts like this to come!

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