Beauty grab-bag: Purple Power

The theme of this post is purple, maybe you love it maybe you hate it, but to me, it’s awesome. I’ve heard purple described as a “juvenile” color before, and it pissed me off. Try telling the royals that purple is juvenile—it’s their signature color, ok? To me, Purple always felt edgier than pink. It’s can be girly, but it can be regal, and it can be dark and gothy too. I love all shades from lavender to eggplant, I like it on my clothes, I like it on my eyelids, I like it on my nails, it can be a neutral or it can be a statement, and since it’s comes from mixing blue and red, it’s flattering on pretty much every skin tone.

Sephora tells me Purple is the hot color for fall, and I’m like “duh!” that’s why I chose it for my wedding!

Here’s a blueberry pie I baked this morning, I thought it looked really purple and pretty as I was making it, it doesn’t look as purple when it’s baked, but I look forward to eating it anyway.

Also my future sister-in-law, Alison, sent me this beauty finds story, and it involves purple shoes so it applies! Here’s what she says:

“It is a sad day when you realize that you might have to start wearing actual shoes again, time to bid farewell to the carefree days of flip-flops and sandals. I have so much trouble finding fat shoes that don’t pinch my toes or gape at the sides, that was until I wandered into Nine West, I was hoping to find some sandals on clearance for next year but instead I found these great suede flats an amazing price. They were marked $24.95 but if you buy 2 you get one pair half-off, so for less than forty bux, these comfortable, cute shoes are all mine”

I might have to seek those babies out and try them! Don’t forget to send me any beauty buy suggestions and I’ll feature them, we want to see what you buy, especially if you get it for a good price!

I’ve been obsessively looking for a cute pair of purple flats to wear at my wedding reception once I inevitably get sick of (or fall off of) of my 4 inch heels. Here are some I’ve been looking at:

These are from Frye, and while I love Frye boots and sandals, I’ve never had good luck with their flats for some reason. If i got them I’d have to start breaking them in ASAP,

They’re on Zappos for a steep $148

These are from (which I’ve never ordered from) and they’re cute, but still a little pricey at $98 and of course you never know if they’ll be horribly painful!

These are from blowfish and are available on Zappos for $40.00—but would they be comfy for dancing?

Or of course I could just go for these, because I already know they’re comfy, still $40 though.

Anyway, purple is super hot this fall, so I’ve put together a polyvore collage of pretty much anything that’s purple and cute. Also check back here tomorrow for Beauty in the movies this week we feature the cult classic Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, it’s a great movie and it’s gonna be good!

perfect purples by justinez featuring Alexander McQueen dresses

Womens Miso Ruffle Pants
4.99 GBP –
More intimates »

Propose a Toast Heel
$35 –
More pumps »

Julie’s Dainty Purple Flower Ring
$17 –
More rings »

Echo Purple Candles
$6.95 –

32″ Lavender Swirl Paper Parasol
$6.50 –

OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’



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13 responses to “Beauty grab-bag: Purple Power

  1. mkz201

    I have a slightly different version of those Frye flats (the ones with the harness) and they are actually pretty comfortable. They are very different from the other Frye flats I have. I wore them to court this morning which involved a decent amount of walking and they were comfortable. I got rubber put on the soles though as they were pretty slippery when I first got them. The color you posted is the one I have and it is more blue than purple. I think they have a more eggplanty purple available on Zappos.

  2. Alison

    Wow! Thanks for including my find, i feel honored! As you probably know already,I have little self control when it comes to shopping,but I also have an amazing gift for finding incredible bargains(this is how I rationalize my purchases) between today and yesterday, I have purchased a few fabulous items to get me ready for fall. Dresses,heeled dessert boots and a gorgeous little purse. (Don’t tell john shhh)

    I love today’s grab bag! Go purple! By the way, I totally agree with you about Frye flats, I have these brown loafers that absolutely kill me!

  3. haren

    I say go for the Fryes because if you love Frye shoes/boots, you will actually wear them again.

  4. Wilberthe

    This post made me happy–purple has been my favorite color since I was a little kid. I don’t wear a lot of it since I wear black 90% of the time, but my fingernails are always painted some shade of purple, always.

    And I personally really like the $98 dollar flats and the purple Keds :]

  5. Justine!

    Purple has been my favorite color ever since I can remember. I am going to email you a photo of myself at about 6 years old wearing a lace lavender double bubble dress, which I designed and had my mom sew for me. We still think of it as one of my greatest creations to this day! Also, I still have the purple ring you gave me in college. Your collage of purple shades is so pretty. I’m convinced seeing this color releases endorphins in my brain!

    • Ilana that is amazing, and so is the dress, I love it! You’re so cute, I love that you were designing dresses at 6 years old! My spirits lift whenever I see something purple, even if it’s an eggplant in the supermarket—so I think you’re right about the endorphins!

  6. 'Lese

    You know how I feel about purple and I’m not “juvenile” (unforunately) 😉 Those Freys do look a bit ouchy. The shoes from the Yoox website are adorable. The Blowfish shoes are cute and look comfy and soft (great price; could be a steal)!
    The Studio Pollini shoes from your collage are hot and would look great with your wedding dress (expensive though)!

    • I know I love those shoes but they’re pricey, I just have to start ordering or trying on flats to find a pair that’s comfortable, because that’s the most important thing!

  7. lizzy

    a lot of men really like purple. prince being the most important, but also a lot of my coworkers. many nights i will look around and realize all my managers are wearing purple shirts, which always excites me. plus one of them used to have a purple motorcycle just saying.

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  9. Jill

    I own those Blowfish flats, and love them so much that I’m actually Google-ing them now to see if I could acquire a second pair to replace these when they die one sad day.

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