Why Stevie Nicks Makes Me Excited For Fall

For the past few months life has revolved around avoiding the heat, whether it’s air conditioning, light clothing, or waiting until sunset to go outside, I’m not a creature of the heat, I melt. So I’ve gotten used to the constant drinking of cold fluids and taking cold showers, but yesterday afternoon, as I was sitting at my desk, the strangest thing happened. I felt a cold chill. No, the AC wasn’t on, there wasn’t a ghost lurking nearby (I hope), and I was actually wearing substantial clothing, but the windows were opened. It had been muggy all morning, and then just like that a cool breeze swept in, and the first shudder of Fall came through my window.

I was given that familiar reminder that soon I’ll be in boots, and the leaves will litter the ground, and the smell of burning wood will be in the air. All it takes is that first gust of wind from who-knows-where, and you realize that summer is really about to end, it happens every August. I can remember other August days throughout the years when I felt it—going back-to-school shopping, or packing up to go to college, there’s a shift, and for some reason that change from summer to Fall always holds a spark. Maybe it’s because you suddenly remember all those things you’d plan to do the last three months. The vacations, the projects, the promises. Summer is all relaxation and celebration, it’s care-free, it’s nostalgic, they write songs about how fun it is, and they write songs about how sad it is to see it go.

When summer begins to turn her head and shine on someone else, it’s a total bummer. Even a pain in the ass like me who hates to be hot and spends half the time complaining, misses the summer when she’s gone. I miss the bright colors, and the excitement, the BBQs and the beach, I miss how everyone is outside and celebrating everyday just because the sun is out and it’s warm. I know I’m totally depressing you right now, so let me get to my point. Fall is coming! Alright, some of you might not find that exciting, but it is, because it’s my favorite season. I think I’ll devote a whole other post to that, so let me just say—cute jackets, leather boots, cozy sweaters, wearing your hair down, no-frizz, no-sweat, no-chafe, dark nail polish, smokey eye-makeup and Halloween. Still not excited? Well then think of Stevie Nicks.

Does Stevie Nicks have have any relation to Autumn aside from in my own head? No. But for some reason every fall when I get upset about the summer ending and I try to get excited for Fall, I think about Stevie in all her witch-y, smokey-eyed, dark lipped, booted, mystical, gypsy-Victorian beautifulness. Maybe it’s a Halloween thing, or I’m just weird (pretty sure about that one), but her style seems to come up in Fall fashion spreads pretty often, so I don’t think I’m alone on this one. The woman can pull off cloaks and feathers and top hats like nobody’s business. On top of all that, she’s just awesome, so why wouldn’t you want to dress like her? Also, if you don’t already know about it, there is this thing called “Night of a Thousand Stevies”, its been happening in New York for the past 20 years. It’s a big fan event (Stevie isn’t involved) with performances and interpretations and everyone dresses like her—there are tambourines, and shawls, and drag queens. I found this on a website which provided info for this year’s event (it took place in May):

“Suggested Dress: Moon Goddess, Enchanted Eveningwear, Black Widow Spider Effects, Beribboned and Bedecked Tambourines, Wiccan Glamour, Wrapped in Velvet, Important Platform Boots, White Winged Dove After Midnight, Moonstones and Moon Motifs, Lindsey Or John McVie Pagan Menswear, Black Robes Trailing, Silver Threaded Shawls, Cloaks and Cokespoons or Your Personal Best Stevie Nicks Realness, All Eras.”

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? I have to attend this at some point, I can’t believe I haven’t yet. You might think it’s weird and crazy, but it’s no weirder than a lot of other things people do, and I bet it’s fun. You know what else is fun, smokey purple eye makeup. It’s a little witchy, definitely autumnal, and a big trend for Fall. Add on a little berry gloss and you’ll be evoking the spirit of Ms. Nicks.

Anyway, let’s embrace the fact that Autumn is almost here, and that soon we’ll be wearing coats and eating soup, that we can wear dark nail polish and play in the leaves, and dress with Wiccan glamour if we so choose. I mean, that’s something right? Here’s a collage inspired by Stevie to get you started!

stevie nicks by justinez featuring ballet skirt

Jil Sander Cashmere polo neck
305 GBP – brownsfashion.com
Empire waist tops »

Terra Shirt
$165 – calypso-celle.com
Calypso tops »

Lace Brocade Chiffon Top
$28 – canada.forever21.com
3/4 tops »

Military Cape
$450 – calypso-celle.com
Cape coat »

El Havanico Black Lace Fan – Fortnum & Mason
110 GBP – fortnumandmason.com
Clothing »

Uneven Hem Chiffon Skirt
$100 – topshop.com
Chiffon skirt »

Vila Chiffon Skirt
48 GBP – oli.co.uk
Ballet skirt »

Rutzou Crochet Trim Scarf
187 EUR – farfetch.com
Rutzou scarves »

Deluxe John Bull Top Hat (Avail Apr 8)
$60 – gentlemansemporium.com
Top hat »

Rose Jaquard Wrap
10 GBP – oasis-stores.com
Wrap scarves »


– Livres Ecriture –

double ribbon


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9 responses to “Why Stevie Nicks Makes Me Excited For Fall

  1. mkz201

    Can’t say I ever thought of Stevie Nicks as a Harvest Goddess (though, Landside is decidedly a autumnal song), but I, too, welcomed the first shudder of Fall through my windows last night. I even wore my boots and a coat today.

  2. haren

    I love Stevie’s style. I am glad to see that she still inspires fashion.

  3. The subject of my subscription email was 1492, I thought this post was going to be about Christopher Columbus! He is clearly a more relevant style icon than Stevie Nick’s! For shame.

    CEO of Christopher Columbus fashions INC.

  4. lizzy

    Stevie is the goddess of layering, incense, shawls, and feathers. I love your eye makeup! And I love the term “Important Platform Boots”. Thats amazing!!

    • We need to go to the “Night of a Thousand Stevies” one day—seriously, how has it not happened already?? I love the whole description of what to wear—also “pagan menswear”, fantastic!!

      • lizzy

        pagan menswear! thats so descriptive! i like that they end the description with “stevie nicks realness”. you HAVE TO GO!!!

  5. Kathy

    You must see Gypsy 83. It’s a movie with Sara Rue and revolves around her preparation for the Night of a Thousand Stevies where she’s sure she’ll find her mom. Great costumes! I love that she and her gay BFF, played by an adorable Kett Turton, hang out in the cemetery.

  6. Kathy

    I also had that “fall” feeling recently. So nice to sleep without the a/c!

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