Beauty Grab Bag: Please Help Me Choose a Wedding Nail Polish!

I need to choose a nail-polish color to wear for my wedding, I’ve narrowed it down to five and I need help. Let’s meet the finalists.

Alright starting with my pinky we have Orly nail-polish in “Charged Up”, on my ring finger is OPI in “A Grape Fit”, on my middle finger is OPI in”Rumple’s Wiggin”, on my pointer is OPI “Do You Lilac It?” and on my thumb is OPI “Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not”. Right now “Do You Lilac It?” is the top contender.

And I’m thinking of having the nail salon do white tips with a nail pen or something too. Or maybe something like this, with purple instead of black?

Anyway, any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also, at first I was going to paint my nails one shade after I took the pictures, but then I kinda liked the multiple shades of purple, so I painted the other hand and went with it. I kind of dig it. I apologize for my less than perfect manicure job and the fact that I’m covered in shiny sunscreen in this image (it’s not sweat I promise!).

Speaking of nail-polish, Chanel debuted its new Fall nail colors, they aren’t available until september 10th but I’m already totally bored with them. I know everyone is going crazy for greige (grayish beige), and don’t get me wrong, I love a gun-metal or even true gray nail polish, but these just don’t get me excited.

The green one might look nice, I’d try it, but not for $23, and I’m sure Essie or OPI will be coming out with similar colors soon (if they haven’t already). Also if the military trend is so hot this fall then won’t these colors just look boring against the already toned down army-like palette? I like rich colors for fall, so I say “meh” to khaki and also to Chanel.

Alright, I have to go work on some bridal boxes, but in case you’re having a rough day, I stole this picture from Jezebel because it’s so effing cute and makes me smile every time I look at it, so enjoy!

Corgis are ridiculous, look at his little legs! Too cute, I can’t take it. Alright, meet me back here tomorrow for Beauty in the Movies, this week I’m featuring a recent film, Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut—Whip it!



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16 responses to “Beauty Grab Bag: Please Help Me Choose a Wedding Nail Polish!

  1. mkz201

    I think I like the Louvre one best, but I love that kind of color on nails. But! Might I suggest a daring alternative to all those posed? Do the two tones like in the picture, but do the dark color as the Louvre and the light color as the Lilac! Wouldn’t that be awesome? And would match the multi-purple theme you have with your shoes and your bridesmaids.

    Or you could go with a different color on each finger like you have now.

    Corgis are silly.

  2. sara

    i really like “charged up” & “do you lilac it”.

  3. lizzy

    i like megan’s idea! i was partial to the grape(ring finger?) one. but they’re all lovely.
    and you KNOW how i feel about corgis! ah!!!!

  4. haren

    Why pay $23 for those boring chanel colors? I like the one on your ring finger.

  5. Annie

    Long time reader- first time poster:
    I agree with Megan and Lizzy. Maybe subconsciously you put the one you like best on your ring finger?
    The corgi is killing me with adorableness! They’re regular sized dogs with their legs chopped off. They’re the ALF of the dog world!
    I LOVE your blog and probably refrained from posting before because I would just continually say how gorgeous, informative, and smart it is.

  6. katie

    #1 “charged up”
    #2 “do you lilac it”
    I think I like the solid color too! The colors are so pretty and in combination with the shoes and head piece it will look really nice!

  7. I like Charged Up or Rumple’s Wiggin (been wanting this one)!

    The Chanel Khakis are OK but not for the price. Essie has a nice greige out in their new fall line called Merino Cool. I’m kinda interested 🙂 And China Glaze has Ingrid in their vintage vixen collection which is really unique too.

  8. Sarah

    I’m a fan of A Grape Fit. Mayyybe with Rumple’s Wiggin tips.

  9. PS: I meant “Do You Lilac It”, not “Charged Up” haha

  10. 'Lese

    “Charged-up and Grape Fit”… hard to decide. I do love Megan’s idea and it would work using either one with “Rumple’s Wiggin.” I think it would be a softer look than the dark with the white contrast too. Ben agrees about “Charged-up.” OMG, I think we might have to get a Corgi now!

  11. Jennifer

    Rumple’s Wiggin gets my vote.
    It has a rockin name and it’s a cute color.

  12. Kathy

    I love the grape and the idea of the two colors. What about your toes? Same as your hands?

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