I have to run to the post office right now and buy over 100 stamps, because today I will write out wedding invitations and stuff envelopes until my hands cramps up. The reason I’m telling you this is that I’m running too low on time to do a real post today. I promise a much better post tomorrow.

For today, I couldn’t leave you with nothing, so if you’re a fan of cats, be excited—because felines are having a beauty moment.

Paul & Joe recently came out with these lipsticks for their Fall collection that I’ve been meaning to feature for weeks (Thanks to Jessica Maxcy for the tip!). Some people may think these are really creepy, but I think they’re totally awesome. The only downside is that I’d never be able to use one of these cat-sticks because I wouldn’t want to wear the kitty’s face down to a stub. These are pretty much just a gimmick, but that’s fine with me, I still appreciate anything involving cats—especially if it also involves  make-up. Too bad Sephora doesn’t carry Paul & Joe anymore so I can’t play with them in person. Boo.

If that wasn’t enough cat/beauty cross-over for you, well then you can also check out MAC’s  Fabulous Felines Collection which came out a couple of weeks ago (see how behind I am?). The line consists of three color collections/cat breeds; Palace Pedigreed (inspired by the Russian Blue and consisting of plums and silvers), Leopard Luxe (features warm golds and oranges, inspired by the Lynx, Ocicat and other speckled and striped breeds), and Burmese Beauty (inspired by the emerald-green eyes and the pampered luxury of the Burmese breed).

(This isn’t one of my collages, the credit goes to MAC, pretty cute though, huh?)

Those are some cute cat cosmetics, I know my cat Loki likes them—I think he just fell in love!

If you think that picture needs a LOL cats caption, feel free to send along your suggestions.

And don’t forget to send me your best beauty buys or favorite trends! Check back tomorrow, I’m sorry for the sparse post today!

I should probably do something like ask people to guest post on days like this, but everyone I know is also incredibly busy also, so I don’t want to be a pain in the butt by asking them. If you are interested in guest posting on this blog (about your feelings on beauty, body image, cosmetics, shopping, cats, etc.) just let me know!



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6 responses to “Cats+Cosmetics=LOVE

  1. oh I heart those Paul and Joe cat lipsticks…I was thinking of getting one for my cat lover friend for her birthday in November but I think it will just sit around and not get used. I was kind of underwhelmed by the new MAC collection, but maybe it’s because I look at my makeup collection and feel self pity and decide not to go for any new MAC collections unless something stands out. 🙂

    • Yeah, I wish MAC would jazz up their collections, that’s why I got excited by the Disney Villains collection—because at least they made an attempt to change-up the packaging a bit! I wish they had thought of cat lipsticks, or at least would get an illustrator or designer to do some cute cat illustrations, just something that would tempt me to buy the collection!

  2. haren

    I think there should be lipstick for cats. Don’t we already have lipstick for pigs?

  3. Jessica

    haha I love the cat lipsticks!!! i forgot about them… so i got a new foundation.. laura mercier i told them to give me the thickest thing they had, its no Shu Uemura 😦 – but honestly it probably makes me look better

  4. Jennifer

    Your cat is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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