Beauty Peeves: Products That Disappoint

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about products I love, but even when you love a product you can have issues with it, and sometimes when you buy a new product, you kick yourself for wasting money on it. This post is devoted to my current beauty peeves, I’m sure I’ll accumulate many more along the way, but here are a few that have been bothering me recently.

First off is this OPI nail polish, Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow, it’s from last year’s Spain Collection. Since it’s a richer color I was waiting until the Fall weather blew in to try it out. I was hoping for a lovely deep emerald-green, maybe with a touch of shimmer. Well, let me tell you, I was pissed because this is about the 3rd color from OPI that is sold as being “a deep shade of ___” and is really just black with a slight tint of color. Maybe it’s my incredibly pale skin-tone, but I think not. Look at the color in this spread from Allure Magazine as compared with the color on my nails. Yes, it has a subtle green undertone, but nobody would look at it and think “green”, they would more likely look at it and think “black”. I’m still on the lookout for a shade that is more like the color in the picture. If you like black nails (or nearly black) then this color is perfect for you, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

A product I use pretty much every day is Urban Decay’s Potion Primer, it’s an awesome product and the best eyeshadow primer I’ve found, the major drawback of this product is the packaging. It’s a lovely bottle, reminiscent of genies and magic, but the problem is you can’t get half the primer out of the darn bottle. Due to the shape of the bottle and the long straight wand that comes with it, you loose all the primer on the sides and bottom of the package. Some might simply think they have used everything up and throw out the bottle, but that would be foolish, because as you can see by the tub next to it, there is a LOT more primer in there. The process of extracting the remainder of your potion primer involves a large knife, a cutting board, steady hands, and a make-up spatula. When there are YouTube videos with over 80,ooo views devoted to the stupidity of your packaging—perhaps it’s time for a change. There’s a chance Urban Decay has gotten wise to this problem, because they’re offering the product in a “professional size” which comes in a far more convenient vessel, unfortunately it only comes in the original nude shade at the moment.

(The cats don’t take kindly to me photographing in their window, they always have to be in the spotlight)

Next up is this Chanel eyeliner which I still regret spending $34 on. You see, I have a liquid liner obsession, I’ve been wearing it nearly everyday since high school so I always feel compelled to try new brands and formulas. This is the most expensive one I’ve ever purchased, and the most disappointing. It’s also a perfect example of why it’s so NOT worth it to spend extra cash on cosmetics from major fashion houses. While Chanel might make the most gorgeous, classic, beautiful garments on the planet, their make-up kinda sucks in my opinion, at least for the overblown price they charge for it. The problem is this; when you turn the bottom of the pen it releases liner onto the brush tip, seems simple enough, except that it distributes it in one big spurt of liquid which bubbles up on the brush, making equal distribution nearly impossible and application to your eyes very messy.

This is the best photo I could get of the liquid blob, it’s not pretty, and definitely not worth spending $34 of your hard-earned dollars on.

Last on my beauty peeves list are these bobby pins from Scunci. They look so cute in the package, you think “they’re just like regular bobby pins but with a little pizzazz” but what you really should be thinking is “dear god how could something so small be so painful?” I keep giving these pins another chance, but frankly—they suck. Each time I use them I have to very carefully extract them so as to avoid ripping all my hair out—and I still usually end up painfully losing a few strands. So, if you see these in the drugstore don’t be fooled by the fetching black and white palette, you will regret it.

Now that I’ve gotten myself all annoyed and regretful at having spent money on some of these products, I ask you to share your own beauty peeves. Have you ever bought something that looked great at the beauty counter or the drug store only to get it home and realize what a mistake it was? If so, do share it with us, warnings are just as valuable as recommendations!


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6 responses to “Beauty Peeves: Products That Disappoint

  1. mkz201

    I’ve been burned so many times by weird cosmetics that I pretty much only buy Lush and Clinique things now. So I don’t really have much in the way peeves at the moment. I do have these Scunci head bands that I got to hold my bangs back while I washed my fact that instead make my bangs stick straight up in the air though. It’s quite a fetching look. And yet they continue to hang on my bathroom door.

    Oh, and that nail polish – I got it at the nail salon a month or so ago and thought it was pretty. But I had no idea it was supposed to be green – it looked decidedly gray to me.

  2. lizzy

    you should test out those twisty bobby pin things that supposedly keep your hair in a bun!

  3. haren

    The worst product I ever wasted money on was a Chanel eyecream. I pretty much only put Clinique on my face but I was enchanted with Chanel at the time and the cosmetics gal at the counter at the downtown Bloomies was good with the pitch. All of a sudden my eyes kept watering and did that for about 2 months after I stopped using it. Only Clinique from now on.

  4. Abi

    I love the pins that keep your hair in a bun, just FYI. I’m wearing them right now…and yesterday..and probably the day before. My only complaint is that I have fine hair and sometimes they show through because there isn’t enough hair to cover them.
    I really dislike Scunci bobby pins, they don’t hold their shape when you are putting them in your hair, the top part of the pin twists over to one side-so annoying.

  5. Carmela

    I was very disappointed with the Urban Decay primer because it irritated my eyes. I also found that it made my eyes water so much that I could actually feel the salt crumbles if I rubbed my eyes at the edges!

    The best primer I have ever used is made by Paula Dorf. For $18, you get a pot of primer that lasts for at least 8 months, and I use it almost every day. And it holds the makeup all day. Unfortunately, Paula Dorf had a fight with Sephora and they no longer carry it, which is why I tried Urban Decay. Now I have to go to Bendel’s to get Paula Dorf.

    • Oh my gosh, that reaction to the Urban Decay Primer sounds awful! I’ll have to try the Paula Dorf stuff, Sephora has stopped carrying so many brands, it’s really annoying!

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