Birds Of A Feather…Fly Into Glass Surfaces

On Monday morning I was upset to find a dead bird on my doorstep. I don’t think anyone likes to see dead animals—or dead anything for that matter, so I was pretty sad about it. It seemed strange because my front door is in a breezeway where there isn’t a place to perch or fall from. Maybe it was the cold weather? I’ve heard plenty of stories about cats leaving birds on doorsteps as gifts, but I don’t think any of the neighborhood cats are particular enamored of me. It did occur to me for a moment that a female cat spotted one of my Tabbys in the window and fell in love, they can be pretty cute, but unfortunately my life is not a Disney movie.

I called my dad who was kind enough to bury the poor thing and I went back about my life. The next morning as I was walking past my front door I heard a thud and was pissed that someone had thrown something at my house, but it was too small to be a newspaper and not hard enough to be a rock. I ran over to the door and lo-and behold, another bird laying in the exact same spot! It was then I realized these birds were flying themselves into my door cartoon-style, only it wasn’t very funny in real life.

I called my dad once again because I’m a baby and like I said, dead animals are really upsetting. Thankfully once he arrived the little bird was twitching and after a few minutes popped up and started to dazedly blink, he wasn’t dead, just stunned. After doing some research it turns out this is quite a common thing and I should have know about it. No one knows for sure, but it seems that birds see the reflection of sky in the glass and charge forward without thinking twice sometimes inadvertently killing themselves. This is why those big glass buildings all over Manhattan are not only ugly, but also anti-bird, so we should totally get the Audubon society after them. You can help the birds help themselves by breaking up the surface of glass, which is why my front door is now decorated with William Morris wrapping paper—I hope the birds appreciate it. So far there haven’t been any more incidents.

I feel like there is an important metaphor in there somewhere about flying head first into things, but I’ll leave each of you to draw your own conclusions. It was just too weird not to blog about it, maybe you’re all familiar with this phenomena already and have your windows and doors covered in bird friendly wrappings, if so, I apologize for my ignorance!

In keeping with the bird theme, check out this cute new peacock feather patterned scarf that just arrived in the mail from modcloth:

It’s not warm but it’s adorable, comfy, and goes with everything! While we’re on the theme, I’m also loving this new nail polish, Cuckoo For This Color from OPI’s Swiss collection. It’s a sparkly greenish blue that looks bright in the sunlight but muted and dark in the shade:

And that’s all there is in bird news today folks! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the return of Beauty in the Movies!



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8 responses to “Birds Of A Feather…Fly Into Glass Surfaces

  1. mkz201

    I am writing Loki’s love story in my head as we speak. I am picturing him as a Professor Higgins curmudgeon who slowly warms to the sassy, rough around the edges feral cat who adores him as he teaches her to be civilized and live indoors.

    And I love that nail polish color.

    • Yes, he would be very good at teaching his feral friend how to annoy your care takers into feeding you multiple times a day and how to sleep until they’re ready to feed you again—oh and also how to break valuable objects with your over-sized backside.

  2. haren

    Loki, civilized?

  3. Sea Green

    I use a product called “Collidescape” to stop birds from crashing into my windows. 100% effective. If your cat or your neighbors cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, you can use a product called the “Catbib” to stop the cat from catching birds. Fashion for a cat and it works.

  4. alison

    Love the scarf and the nail polish, I have a new Essie here waiting to be painted on my nails, I used to have a friend with a house in montauk, one half of the house had a skylight roof…birds flew into all the time it was so sad……

  5. That is very curious! Since it happened twice in a row, I wonder if it has something to do with the time of year and the particular reflection of light or the warmth. You came up with not only a logical solution, but an artistic one too! Not surprising!

  6. Steph

    Actually, in Germany/Europe it’s very common for people to put these black silhouetted bird stickers on their windows (it’s made of a special material that peels off easily after, without leaving residue on the windows), so that birds don’t fly into them. You can find some online here:

    But I love your solution! Especially that it’s William Morris, so pretty! You could even cut the paper into the shape of flying birds and that should do it!
    Ps. I found your post because of the image of the peacock scarf, which I was googling online, looks great!

    • Thanks for the info! It’s good to now I’m not the only one who has this problem! There haven’t been any more bird incidents so far, thank goodness.

      I love my peacock scarf, it was definitely a great purchase. Recently I’ve been bundled up in wool and fleece, but I can’t wait for spring to wear that scarf again, it’s nice and light and goes with a surprising number of things!

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