Beauty Grab-Bag: Makeup Fun-time

I haven’t done a beauty grab-bag in a while so I thought I’d do a quick one today and feature some random things.

Before my wedding when I was desperate for blogging help I put a call out to anyone who could do a guest post or had something to share. Sara over at makeshift vanity sent me these makeup collages she put together for fun—and they’re pretty fun to look at too! Things got so crazy before the wedding that I never got a chance to publish these, but I’m happy to feature them now, thanks for submitting these Sara! I love a good makeup collage, and these backgrounds are awesome.

In other news—If you haven’t heard of it yet, there is this site called Birchbox,  you pay $10 a month (or a flat $110 a year) and they send you a box of 4-5 cosmetic samples, shipping is free and apparently most of the samples are deluxe. Since I was good and forced myself out of Sephora without buying the $30 YSL lipstick last week, I figured I could splurge and spend $10 to try this out for January. Birchbox combines two of my favorite things—sampling new products and getting stuff in the mail! I often find myself wishing stores sold products in sample sizes for just a few dollars so I could try them out before buying the full size. Dealing with scuzzy, over-used testers and crowds at retail stores has gotten really tiring, so I hope this works out. If you don’t like the service you can cancel, it seems too good to be true doesn’t it? I’ll let you know how it goes and share pics in January when the box arrives!

Speaking of getting things in the mail, I participated in my first nail polish swap last week with the above mentioned Sara. I’ve been behind on my nail polish purchases and missed most of the Fall launches, so I was very happy when Sara sent me 4 mini shades from Essie’s fall line—Sew Psyched, Little Brown Dress, Limited Addiction, and In Stitches. I wouldn’t wear these in summer, but they’re great neutrals (except Limited Addiction). Amanda from mandabear did a guest post in October and featured Sew Psyched as one of her favorite picks for fall, and I have to agree with her, it’s a khaki gray-green and a nice alternative to griege. Swaps are fun! I apologize that you have to look at my incredibly dry winter skin, yikes—I really need to start moisturizing.

(from left to right, Little Brown Dress, In Stitches, Sew Psyched, Limited Addiction)

For the requisite cute animal part of the grab-bag, I present you with this cute video of baby otters.

I would like a baby otter for Christmas please, he would fit in with my cats just fine:


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7 responses to “Beauty Grab-Bag: Makeup Fun-time

  1. mkz201

    This reminds me that I meant to get the Sew Psyched when Amanda posted about it – such an interesting color and so nice to see something other then the ubiquitous greige.

    It will have to wait though, as it is sparkly red Christmas nail polish time now. Not that my nails are actually painted. And toes are out of the question as they must remain protected from this weather at all times…

  2. haren

    I thought you didn’t like otters. Aren’t they rodents?

  3. the polish looks awesome on you! i don’t know what it is about essie, but i just can’t get the hang of their brushes + formula or something.

    • Thanks Sara! I know, I prefer OPIs brushes, but Essie always has such cute colors, and I’m kind of a sucker for their bottles for some reason—especially the minis!

  4. Lizzy

    i have mixed feelings about otters. they ARE very cute, but i hear that they’re vicious, and i even saw a video of one attacking a person. just saying.
    also do they have the store ULTA in ny? they just opened one near me, its a giant beauty supply store thats kind ofa mix between sephora and a beauty supply store. i just peaked in, but it looks good.

  5. katie

    A baby otter would definitely be a wonderful addition to the fam!
    Love the nails- Gold glitter would look so awesome over little brown dress!

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