A Holiday Glitter Polish Update

This is just a mini-update to Wednesday’s post. These Milani polishes are amazing! I went back to CVS (which was INSANE, people need to buy their candy-canes early next time.) and poof—the display for these one-coat-glitter polishes was gone! But then, hiding covertly in the display for cupcake lip-gloss were three shining bottles of sparkling polish—it was a Christmas miracle. So I snapped ’em up, bought ’em, and put them under my little Christmas tree as a gift for myself.

I know you’re not supposed to buy yourself presents for Christmas, but I spent hours wrapping presents for other people last night so I felt like I deserved it.

Wow, that’s really faulty, selfish logic, but I couldn’t part with these polishes especially after I found out about this:

(This demo is by a woman by the name of Brooke, she has amazing nails, clearly.)

Now I will wear glitter polish everyday, MUAHAHAHA!!

Ok, I’m a little bit too much in the holiday spirit so I need to settle down, or at least go bake some cookies! But seriously, if you see these polishes at your local CVS, it might be worth it for you to grab them before they’re gone—especially if you’re a glitter fan!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope you’re all having a safe, healthy, happy holiday with the ones you love!!


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3 responses to “A Holiday Glitter Polish Update

  1. Ooh I’m so glad you picked these up! I’ve been wanting them but I have SO many glitter polishes I had to be good. Although I DO want some deborah lippmann polishes (shamefully, at $18-20 a pop). This method is light years better than scrubbing nails…it makes removing glitter polishes way more enjoyable! Have a great holiday Justine!

  2. haren

    No polishes for moi????

  3. 'Lese

    CRAZY… I want glitter polish, now! I’m going to see if the 24 hour CVS is open today for an X-mas emergency 😉

    Happy, Merry and lots of xoxoxox’s to you!
    A. ‘L.

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