Ugh, Snow.

Snow can be so beautiful, so pure, fluffy, and magical. It casts a pristine blanket of white on top of an often ugly world. There are dozens of songs about it—Let It Snow, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, White Christmas, if you grew up with cold winters you associate snow with days off from school, snow men, snow angels, and fun. Snow is a delight when you’re a kid, and when the first snow falls each year, many of us hearken back to those shining days of our youth and forget what a complete and total pain in the butt snow can be.

Alright I’m just bitter, but seriously, snow can put a major damper on your plans, even if all you want is to go to the supermarket. I’ve had major beef with snow for most of my life. Sure, there have been times when I’ve adored it, playing and sledding and throwing snowballs, but there have also been times when I wished I lived in Florida. Having a winter birthday, childhood parties were often canceled as the snow piled up outside. I turned 17 and my Jr. license finally became a full-blown drivers license, just in time for the roads to be hidden in a foot of snow. And I can’t even count the number of times I’ve slid on sidewalks and fallen down subway steps. It’s in these times that the magical wonder of glittering snow seems like a forgotten memory.

This morning I woke up early, made some coffee, started day two of a weeklong freelance job, and then suddenly—zip. With a pathetic “whoomp” the power was gone along with my work, my hopes of getting paid, and my temper. As I cursed the power company, the snow, and my own dependence on technology, my husband dialed the local Starbucks only to find they were also without power. Plan C involved calling my husband’s godmother who lives nearby, “yes” she told us she still has power—and internet. HALLELUJAH! My car at this point was barely visible under the snow, so it was on with the boots and out into the cold. Of course, since the fates think it’s funny to screw with our lives, after the mile walk through snow drifts and over ice, we received word that the power had come back on.

In retrospect it wasn’t all that bad, which is why I need to remind myself to stay calm and know that the world can be a jerk sometimes. I just remember that people are dealing with far worse snow-related situations, like being stuck in airports and train stations, or outside, or without heat.

There was a silver lining too, my husband, James, got some pretty pictures—maybe you’ve wondered what the beach looks like when it snows? Well in case you ever did, here’s your answer:

It pretty much looks the same as it does without snow, except the snow appears much higher because the sand and snow have sort of blown into each other and become indistinguishable in some places.


I’m sure many of you have snow horror stories of your own, so feel free to share them, they probably put mine to shame. You may even be stuck somewhere right now due to that deceptively beautiful precipitation, if so, I’m sorry and I hope you get home soon. Maybe some of you are someplace warm where you never have to worry about digging your car out  of snow drifts or slipping on ice, if so—well good for you.


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6 responses to “Ugh, Snow.

  1. haren

    It’s not just the snow who gets the blame for the horror stories. It’s the disorganized, cheap, uninvolved politicians. Everyone was too busy celebrating to plan for the snow, get the plows ready and get out there and deal with it. We’ve had more snow and still been able to get out our cars. This is an administrative problem.

  2. I like you + James’ snow pictures a lot! Very peaceful.

  3. mkz201

    It can be very pretty – but being essentially trapped by it (whether in your home or away) is no fun at all. And don’t forget the extra fun when it starts to melt and becomes gray slush.

  4. At least snow makes for good pictures and interesting landscapes!

    A couple years ago we got hit hard with a mid-day snow storm. I was at work down town and they let us go early. I remember walking to my car through knee high snow and not being able to see more than a couple feet in front of me. It took me about 2 hours to get home, as opposed to the usual 30 minutes.

    And last Christmas Eve we had an ice storm here and were left without power from 2am to 7pm.

    Winter is so lovely.

  5. Kathy

    Beautiful beach-snow photo! Here in the city, we get a few hours of “pretty” snow and then it’s a big slushy mess! Did anyone else hear the thunder too?

  6. alison

    Oh snow….i hate you. As I type this I am wasting away vacation days that would have been better spent in Aruba or a sunny summer day in Long Beach. Monday I was at the mercy of the LIRR to get me to work, it wasnt working so we got a snow day! yay I felt like a kid! After 2 hours of shovelling…I was reminded by an aching back that Im no longer a kid and besides the hot cocoa the snow is a pain. I went to work yesterday and it was such a headache trying to get there and back that I just couldnt face it again. I will not be at work again until 2011!! Incase youre wondering about Queens? It is a total disaster! I think the plows finally went down the streets that dont have stuck vehicles in the middle of the road, and I hope the curbs in manhattan have been dug out because I lost about $1.50 worth of a latte as I slid over one yesterday morning! Winter Birthday? I can relate….I recall many frigid snow covered birthdays…my favorite was the blizzard of 1996…happy birthday to me and haren! Nobody could argue when I sang “its my party and I can cry if i want too”

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