Oscar Beauties

I, like many, watch the Oscars for the clothes. If everyone was wearing jeans and sneakers it just wouldn’t be such a big deal. It’s the gowns, the hair, and the insanely expensive jewelry that make it worth watching. Those displays of glamour that most of us will never get to touch in our lifetimes so we live them vicariously through celebrities instead.

The whole idea of the Oscars is way overblown, it’s great that celebrities have awards ceremonies just like many other professions do, but the seriousness with which the show is presented makes the event seem a touch too self-congratulatory. For a show that is celebrating entertainment it never comes off as light and fun, it’s aggrandized and phony, plus there’s something incredibly dated about it. Obviously the Academy knows this and therefore chose “young and hip” actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host this year. Unfortunately it didn’t really work so well.

The result was Hathaway and Franco appearing uncomfortable with the grandness of the show—Anne Hathaway literally seemed like she was playing dress up and trying a bit too hard (though who could blame her?), and Franco’s way of dealing with the pressure was to act totally bored. The set, the overly dramatic music, and the cheesy writing all seem to stay the same year after year. You would think this time around with the push to appeal to younger viewers they would have changed things up aside from just the hosts. It’s weird because if the Oscars are really just an award show to celebrate achievements in the field of cinema, why do they need to appeal to anyone?

Anyway, like I said, I tune in for the clothes. The show itself drags on forever and always seems disappointing because nothing all that interesting happens. As awards shows go, it’s the biggest, but it’s also the most stuck-up which means all the stars are nervous and on their best behavior, which makes things boring. Pretty dresses however, are always fun to look at. This year my favorite by far was Mila Kunis in Elie Saab, I’m a sucker for purple. I like it when people take risks so I might be in the minority of people who loved Cate Balnchett’s Givenchy gown as well. Here are some other things I liked:

Michelle Williams and her simple but pretty hair, makeup, and earrings. She always gets it right, but also manages to keep things interesting at the same time.

Hailee Steinfeld’s youthful makeup, and her eyebrows which were thankfully left alone rather than plucked into oblivion leaving her looking as beautiful and happy as any 14-year-old at the Oscars should be.

I think it’s so funny when people on E! or other red carpet fashion round-ups make fun of Helena Bonham Carter because obviously she doesn’t give two shits what any of them think and she just wears what she wants. How can you not love that? I love her hair, her fan, her husband, and the way she sticks to her personal style no matter what.

I didn’t love Nicole Kidman’s dress, but I did love her big diamond necklace from Fred Leighton.
Also wasn’t a fan of Reese Witherspoon’s 90s prom looking black-and-white dress, but I did quite like her big sixties hair.
Anne Hathaway showed once again that she is at heart a (sometimes awkward) musical theater geek, but her Lanvin tuxedo was cute, and I especially like her custom Swarovski crystal covered heels.
Let’s hear it, who wore your favorite gowns, hair, or accessories?


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9 responses to “Oscar Beauties

  1. alison

    I’m with you..mila was my favorite,her gown was gorgeous!

  2. haren

    Well sorry to rain on anybody’s parade but frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. I think awards shows are boring and an opportunity for a bunch of egotistical people to congratulate themselves. Wake me when they support unions in general, which of course they are members of.

  3. mkz201

    Yeah, I liked Mila Kunis’s dress best too. So pretty but still structured and pulled together.

  4. corrie

    If Michelle Williams had brown curly hair and glasses, she’d be my twin, so it would feel weird to vote for her.

    Thus, Mila Kunis gets my hands up. She looked fantastic, and that dress was dreamy.

  5. Kathy

    I agree with all of your choices. If I remember correctly, I think Helena’s fan is actually her purse. So great!

  6. lizzy

    this is random, but i saw a little interview with michelle williams on the red carpet and she seemed heavily medicated. do you think she really was? that being said shes very beautiful.
    what did you think about natalie portman’s dress? i love pregnant fashion, so i liked it. i also thought jennifer hudson’s boobs looked wierd.

  7. I loved Reese Witherspoon’s hair and, yes, way to go Anne for bringing it in a tux . . . and I think more importantly, a high pony!

  8. Annie

    JHuds boobs did look weird, which was too bad, because the dress was amazing. (Emily and I might have been platting to get knock-offs and making Evan hem them short for your wedding, Lizzy.)
    You basically picked all my faves in your collage/post Justine. I was really loving the tux.
    I think Michelle Williams might have been medicated, but only to help her with the painful reminder of her walk down the red carpet not so many years ago. Don’t make me say it….yellow dress…handsome aussie on her arm…and now I’m crying! And Busy Phillips was her date! Dawsons Creek!

  9. jennifer

    Hailee Steinfeld was so cute. Lea Michele must feel pretty pathetic for turning down an opportunity to sign her autograph because she’s way bigger than Lea now!

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