Cyber Never Land

I haven’t posted here since July and that just sucks so damn hard.

The internet is littered with abandoned and forgotten blogs, not dead, not living, but floating somewhere in limbo. You do a Google search, click on something interesting, and end up on a blog only to realize it’s been neglected for months. It’s depressing, like a half knitted scarf (I have a bunch of those too) or an abandoned exercise routine. I’m scared my blog is slowly flying off to cyber never land to live with the other lost blogs—and that makes me really, really sad.

In June I was finally liberated from the agony of semi-employment. It’s been great to have stability and a feeling of upward movement again, but everything in life is a compromise, and time is not a luxury I have right now. I get home at 7, eat food, shower and then pout about going to sleep until I finally realize I’m dead tired. There is very little room for anything else in there.

Blogging is hard. I think there’s a belief that since it can be fun and provides both an outlet and entertainment it’s something that’s easy to do, but if that were true there wouldn’t be so many lost blogs out there. It takes a lot of commitment to keep a blog going, and when life is happening and other commitments start to take over, it can be easy to forget the little space you’ve created on the internet.

Ok, this post is sounding a lot like whining, so I apologize. I’m so grateful to be working again, and I’m well aware there are a lot worse things than an abandoned blog, but I felt I owed an explanation to anyone who supports this blog, or happens to stumble upon it. I still love you, I’m sorry.

I feel like my blog is dying. I don’t know whether I should put it out of its misery and then mourn for it, or if I should clap my hands and try to bring it back to life. I’ve been avoiding looking at it, I shudder to see my sadly depleted page views. I feel guilty because not only do I miss it, but I’ve been getting comments on old posts and I feel like I’m neglecting a lot more than just a personal project, but a community that I really liked being a part of.

So, I’m going to try harder. I really am. Even if I just put up a picture of a nail polish I like, or an unappreciated movie, I don’t want to neglect this place just yet, I don’t want to quit. Those forgotten blogs make me sad, because let’s be realistic, Never Never Land is really just a metaphor for the place dead children go (am I the only one who thinks this?), and I don’t want my blog sent to that creepy, Victorian, child-ghost land, even if it’s full of fairies and pirates.


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7 responses to “Cyber Never Land

  1. It’s not a lost cause, Justine. And even if you post less frequently, I (and I’m sure many others) will continue to read and enjoy your thoughts and words and beautiful illustrations. xoxo

  2. Da

    I’ve often thought that to succeed as an artist you need the time and space to do so. If you have these resources the better are your chances of having your voice heard. You’ll have time to experiment, pursue, retreat, rethink, and also to socialize and network. Some of us are fortunate enough to have these things but most of us wonder, how can I be productive as an artist if I’m constantly worried about survival?

    It hurts to see the art world spin on without us and there’s nothing productive about resenting the privileged or selfish but it doesn’t feel that bad either! We do what we do because we have to and we do it when we can. If this isn’t enough for a career or even an ongoing presence in the blogosphere we still just have to do it. Maybe it’s an affliction. We have to balance the things we have to do to survive and contribute with the implacable need to make stuff.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more of that time and space. Blog when you can, Justine, I’ll always read it.


  3. Da

    …even if it’s about nail polish!

  4. Cyndie

    I know how you feel. I blogged for the first time in a couple months the other day, and barely got any page views. I think people think I’m dead.

    but don’t worry! you’re still on my google reader and you don’t even know me 😉

  5. Annie

    Keep it up, Justine! I check everyday in hopes of a new movie fashion collage or beauty suggestion. I would enjoy a photo of one of the cats eating a plant near your eyeliners any day over a to tag on this blog.

  6. Don’t worry, post whenever you have the time and feel like it. As for me, you got a new reader! 🙂

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