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Beauty in the Movies: The Devil Wears Prada

I had a job interview this week, and on my way I couldn’t help thinking of The Devil Wears Prada. That might sound silly, but it was reassuring to know that even if the interview went badly, it couldn’t possibly be as bad as finding Miranda Priestly (or Anna Wintour) sitting at that desk across from you.

The Devil Wears Prada is the story of Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway), a Midwesterner in New York, fresh out of college and desperate for experience. Andy wants to be a journalist, but she finds herself at the world’s top fashion magazine, Runway, interviewing to be the assistant of Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), a job a thousand girls would kill for. Miranda isn’t just an editor at a fashion magazine, she is the voice of fashion. Her word is the last word, and all other opinions be damned. She is cold, brutal, and unsympathetic, but also elegant, successful and respected beyond compare.

Miranda hires Andy despite her “frumpy” (ahem, I have the j. crew coat she wears in the opening sequence—it’s cute, ok?) appearance in the hopes that she is different from the fashion obsessed girls who usually land the job. While Andy is up for the challenge, the demands of her new position put her relationship with her family, best friend (Tracie Thoms), and boyfriend (Adrian Grenier) into jeopardy. Andy has to choose what’s important to her, but in the process of self discovery there’s also a bunch of montages, a few Madonna songs, a makeover, and some great designer clothes.

This is not the most unpredictable film, but it certainly has its charms, most specifically Meryl Streep’s perfectly frightening portrayal of Miranda. It’s hard to take your eyes off her, everything from the way she enunciates her words, to the cruel flicker in her eyes while torturing Andy with impossible tasks, further propels the believability of her character. Miranda Priestly makes Working Girl‘s Catherine Parker look like a whiny, disheveled brat. Rumor has it the character was based on Anna Wintour, the notoriously steely editor-in-chief of American Vogue, but Streep creates her own Miranda and delivers a woman who is both vicious and awe-inspiring in her approach to life and business.

Emily Blunt is fantastic and funny as Miranda’s other assistant (the 1st assistant), she is the stand-out among the supporting cast and steals all her scenes right out from under Anne Hathaway. Stanley Tucci is also charming, while stereotypical as Nigel Runway’s Art director who is adored by both Miranda and Andy. Simon Baker plays a roguish writer and Valentino and Giselle (proving she shouldn’t quit her day job) make appearances as well.

Most people have had a boss or supervisor whom they’ve found less than pleasing, but this film takes it to new levels. Miranda’s treatment of Andy could be seen as character building—a tough love of sorts, after all she does learn a lot and come out on top in many ways. Unfortunately the ugly side of that coin is that her sadistic treatment virtually ruins Andy’s life, and as we learn, Miranda’s personal life isn’t all roses and sunshine either, leading the viewer to believe that great success comes only with great sacrifice. It’s an issue I wish the movie explored a bit more, because it feels like we’re meant to believe Miranda must be evil in order to be respected, which forgives her cruelty just a tad too much. There is too much of a shine put on everything in this film and the minute you think you might get to look deeper, you’re placated by pretty clothes, which is fine and can be really enjoyable, but it doesn’t make you think too hard either.

The Devil Wear Prada is a fun, entertaining, possibly unrealistic look at the fashion world. It’s also a coming of age film, and a film about figuring out who you want to be as a professional and as a person—but most of all it’s about really pretty clothes, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana and Patricia Field’s beautiful styling. I’d take a film like this over a bland rom-com with Jennifer Aniston or Katherine Heigl any day, because while it might not be groundbreaking, it’s about something other than just men and cliches. Don’t expect to be surprised by the twisting plot or unconventional characters, just get lost in the brilliance of Meryl Streep and the beauty of Chanel while you sit back and wish you could afford designer clothes.

The Devil Wears Prada

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In Those Shoes…

There are a lot of unpleasant things I’ve been willing to do throughout my life in the name of beauty. I’ve been burned by hair irons, squeezed into corsets, had skin ripped off from hot wax, I’ve had my face extracted, my eyebrows violently tweezed, and done countless other insane things…but I will not wear uncomfortable shoes.

It’s not just heels, it’s all shoes. I’ve worn sneakers that were like torture devices. I have a pair of Vans that are so painful whoever designed them must have forgotten what feet look like. I carry moleskin (this is a must have, I swear!) in my purse at all times because I’m so terrified that my shoes might start to rub and I’ll be completely miserable the rest of the day.

When my feet hurt, I transform into a whiny three-year old. In fact, when I was three I complained about my shoes (also my socks and underwear) constantly screaming “I can feel them!” apparently even my toddler-self didn’t believe I should have my comfort impeded by something sitting on my body.

I have long envied women who can wear heels. I however am happiest barefoot, so it takes me a long time to find any footwear that is comfortable whilst not looking orthopedic, and maybe even cute. I can’t even stand flip-flops anymore—I don’t know how people can walk around with a thing between their toes. I know this makes me crazy, I know it presents many challenges in pulling off a lot of fashions, but it’s something I’ve tried time and time again to change about myself, and it ain’t happening.

I like to walk, which is the real reason I need comfy shoes. I make my feet take me places, and I figure since they’re doing so much work, it’s only fair to give them a comfortable house. I’m also harder on shoes than anyone else I know. I have a pair of Frye boots that I got in October, by the following January holes had completely worn through the soles—and these are tough shoes. When I brought them to the shoemaker to save them, he refused to believe the hole was just from walking, or that I hadn’t had them for several years already, he put on an extra rubber sole without even asking, and I was grateful. I can destroy a pair of shoes in less than a quarter of the time it takes most people. I don’t know if it’s the way I walk or that if I have a pair of comfy shoes I just wear them until they literally disintegrate, either way it is essential that I buy well made shoes and be nice to my shoemaker.

I never really felt the need for heels. At 5 foot 6 my height was one of the few parts of myself I never had a problem with, it’s just right. I think those chunky shoes that were big during my adolescence spoiled me in terms of comfort and balancing ability when it came to high shoes. Remember those chunky 90’s shoes? I think I may have to do a whole post on 90’s fashion. Anyway, for example, the Steve Madden’s I wore to my junior high school prom (or as they called it in our school the “promotion dance”).

Yes folks, that’s embossed velvet, this was during my goth phase. Maybe one day I’ll let you see the dress, it was from Religious Sex, a great shop that used to be on St. Marks Place in the village, sadly gone now. These were actually pretty comfy, all those 90’s clunky shoes were, unfortunately they were mostly pretty ugly too.

For most of elementary school and all of jr. high and high school I wore Converse in the summer and in the winter Doc Martens (below are my favorites, which I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with). That was it, done. No more worry about shoes. Then, I grew up, and people started expecting me to wear “real” shoes.

I had no idea what shoes to wear in the corporate world, nothing but heels ever seems to look right with a suit or business attire. My mother bought me a pair of brown Cole Haan pumps when I first started interviewing after graduation, they hurt so bad that I could barely manage to get through a 15 minute interview sitting down in them. After several more interviews I was wearing Børn flats and feeling far more comfortable and confident.

As I sit here I am waiting for a package from Zappos to arrive that contains a new pair of sandals. They’re actually made for children, but they have adult sizes too, come to think of it, all my favorite shoes are also available for kids—hmm, does that say something? Cute though right? And practical for me at the beach, you can get them wet!

Now that you’ve read all about my inability to handle adult footwear, here’s the twist. You will now see (if you didn’t already know) how crazy I am, because these are my wedding shoes.

You’re probably thinking, “what the hell is wrong with this girl? If she can’t wear flip-flops how is she going to pull off a 4 inch heel?” Well you’re probably right, but aren’t they so pretty? I should explain that I’m wearing a tea length 50s style dress, and my head-piece will have a purple birdcage veil and purple feathers, so these are totally appropriate (at least for me!). In fact the dress just didn’t look as good with anything but a heel, unfortunately it’s the style of dress I’ve always loved and found flattering on myself, so you see? I had no choice. I am planning to get a pair of flats for dancing, but for that walk down the aisle, well, let’s just say I’m glad that I’ll be flanked by my parents, who I hope will hold me up. Maybe if I wear killer heels on my wedding day, I’ll never have to wear another pair again! Who knows, but I will have to start practicing my walk in these babies soon, and I’m quite certain they don’t make them in kids sizes (except maybe for Suri Cruise) I guess that makes me an official grown-up.

I know some of you out there love to wear heels, so tell me, do you not get blisters? How do you handle it? Am I weird, is there a trick to it or something? Let me know, I really need help!


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