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Beauty Grab-Bag: Crazy for Coral

Now that the clocks have jumped forward and the sun sticks around until 7pm, it seems like those breezy, warm, days are just around the corner. I’m currently on the lookout for a bridesmaid dress in the season’s hottest color—coral, so I have that shade on the brain right now. In anticipation of spring, lets look at some pretty coral makeup that will give you that lovely orange glow—not like self tanner, more like you finally got the chance to get out in the spring sunshine.

Nars Illuminator in Orgasm, $29

I received this illuminator in my February Birchbox and it gives a very subtle peachy glow on cheekbones. I think it probably works best on warmer skin-tones.

Mac Eyeshadow in Paradisco $14.50

A beautiful shimmery coral with gold undertones, this shadow works even on women without warm or tanned skin-tones.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy $25

I have one of these coming in the mail from QVC (more on that later), but the colors look beautiful in Sephora, especially this bright coral.

Dior Addict Lip Polish in Glow Expert $30

If you want a juicy, peachy glow without being sticky, this coral gloss is perfect, but pricey.

Essie Nail Polish in Haute as Hello, $8

One of my favorite Essie polishes, this color just feels happy and warm, it’s a real pick-me-up for your finger tips.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Wild Coral, $24

If you prefer lipstick to gloss this new coral from Estee Lauder will deliver color that is both bright and long lasting.

I just finished up this commission for a bridal box featuring coral flowers too:

And if you’re still not sold on coral, here is a polyvore collage featuring pretty things to get you excited for spring:

60s Coral, Cream and Gold by justinez featuring vintage style earrings

River Island lace dress
45 GBP – riverisland.com

Smocked dress
$98 – topshop.com

Chiffon blouse
18 GBP – desireclothing.co.uk

Beyond The Valley tweed mini skirt
149 GBP – farfetch.com

Marc Jacobs short short
558 GBP – matchesfashion.com

Chinese Laundry high heel pumps
$70 – heels.com

TopShop high heels
$135 – topshop.com

Sigerson Morrison slip on flat
$213 – theoutnet.com

Love Moschino shoulder strap bag
132 GBP – my-wardrobe.com

Marc by marc jacobs tote
200 GBP – matchesfashion.com

Kate Spade chain necklace
$195 – zappos.com

Tinley Road flower ring
$22 – piperlime.gap.com

House of Harlow 1960 gold bracelet
$125 – shopthetrendboutique.com

Chandelier necklace
$24 – modcloth.com

Vintage style earring
$12 – modcloth.com

TopShop woven scarve
$32 – topshop.com

Essie Nail Polish – California Coral
$7.90 – apothica.com


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Beauty Grab-Bag: Stay Warm, Order Stuff Online

First things first, I am pleased to announce that I am now the happy owner of the purse I’ve been guiltily obsessing over. I bought it through the site bags bonanza which I emphatically recommend (just make sure you check out the seller ratings and ask for photos to make sure the bag is in good condition). This bag (the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch) lists for $295 and up, I saved my pennies and bought it for $200, which makes the purchase all the sweeter.

Last week I was also lucky enough to receive my free polish from the Zoya facebook giveaway. I had never tried Zoya’s polishes before so when Sara from makeshiftvanity told me that if they reached 20,000 fans on facebook they would give each fan 3 free bottles of polish (you got to choose the colors too!), I was psyched. It took a while, but they were worth the wait:

Valerie is my favorite, it’s a shimmery deep burgundy with flecks of gold and bright red glitter. The coverage is awesome, you could definitely get away with just one coat with this polish.

Malia is a creamy mid-toned purple I like it a lot, too bad it’s almost identical to a color I already have—OPI’s It’s a Grape Fit.

Dea is a chocolaty brown, it’s sort of the color of  light brown M&Ms (remember those?). It’s a nice color, but it reminds me of the 90s when everything was “mocha” colored which looked awful on me, I like my polishes brighter!

Julieanne is a really pretty, dark glitter polish, the coverage isn’t as good as Valerie, but after a couple of layers the deep bluish purple and the gold flecks look gorgeous.

Um, I’m not sure why I got four polishes (Dea was a throw-in) maybe they always do that or maybe it was an accident. I’m not complaining about it, nor am I sending it back! Thanks Zoya!

They also sent me a sampler of their color spoons which you can place over your nail to get an idea of the shade. I found myself more focused on the pointy tear-drop shape of the spoon than on the colors—but it’s a cool idea.

For all you Tarte cosmetics fans out there if you don’t already know, QVC carries a lot of Tarte products. Some of them are really discounted and some are full price which I don’t really understand, but there are definitely some deals to be found. I happen to be obsessed with the lipsurgence lip stains, and wish I had known QVC was selling them at a discount. Here is a set of 3 for $38, not bad at all.

And to cheer you up on this cold, snowy, wet January day here are two adorable seal pups:

Unfortunately both the Ringed Seal and the Harp seal can’t live without the arctic ice which is melting, so that sucks. Global warming is real people. Save the fuzzy animals, and the Narwhals and Belugas too! Sorry to be a downer, I’ve been watching too much PBS.


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Retail Rationalizing

This is how it starts. One day you look at your purse and you think, “that thing is starting to look ragged, maybe I should look for a new one”. So you start to shop around, maybe you look at a few stores where you have gift cards or you do some searches online. Then you spot a bag you like, it’s cute but way too expensive, so you keep looking. But wait, there’s that bag again—and again, it keeps popping up. You do a search for ‘cross-body-leather-bag’ and it keeps following you. You read the reviews, they’re all good. You learn it’s a cult bag, which isn’t appealing because it’s popular (in fact that’s a downside) but it is appealing because it means it’s a well made versatile bag people seem satisfied with.

One day you find yourself at the mall and you think “I’ll just pop into Nordstrom and see if they have that bag”, of course they do. After a few minutes of petting the soft leather lovingly, you try it on. Eventually the sales girl comes over because you look crazy as you obsessively play with the thing and try it on several different ways. Zipping, un-zipping, looking for some flaw to make you love it less, but you can’t find anything, it’s exactly what you want it to be. Damn.

I’ve never been big on labels, if it looks cute, who cares who makes it? I have plenty of clothes from Costco and I’m not ashamed. The problem is that sometimes, especially with bags and shoes, the label is more than just a name, it’s better quality too. You see how I’m justifying this to you? It’s a slippery slope. Although I can’t imagine I’ll ever be the girl spending all her money on designer shoes and handbags, I can understand now how it happens, and I can’t judge anymore. Nobody actually needs a new purse right? I could use a plastic bag or a tote bag or something, the truth is that I want it, I want it. To say that I need it is just a rationalization.

Now it has become a thing, I find myself looking at my wardrobe thinking, “that jacket would look way cuter with that bag”, or “if I just stop buying so many damn groceries I could put the money towards that bag”. This may be one reason many “fashionistas” (I kinda hate that word) are so skinny. Seriously though, when you’re lusting after a product, whether it be a bag, or an ipod, or a miracle face cream, once you’ve started imagining it in your possession, it’s hard to just let it go.

I’m not saying this phenomenon is good, or right, or healthy, but it’s definitely true. You see something, you want something, you then rationalize that you need to have it, you think about it a bit too much, and then finally you buy it. Sometimes it ends up being something you love and use constantly, and sometimes it sits at the back of your closet or the bottom of your purse giving you a twinge of guilt every-time you come upon it.

So, what’s a girl to do? I could show restraint and walk away, but I could really use a new purse, and any money I spend on something else will just be money I could have spent on the one I really wanted. I feel stupid for thinking about an object so much. Stuff is just stuff, right? But I’d assume most people (in this country at least) have made a purchase they’ve rationalized in some way. It could be anything, a TV, a car, a kindle, we all want things. Women get labeled as having this problem more than men, but I don’t think anyone is totally immune to it. So maybe I want a $295 bag, so what? I’m going to go ahead and rationalize it to myself and work and save for it, check some discount sites, and then maybe I won’t feel so bad about it—that’s the point of rationalizing right?

My question is, have the rest of you ever had this problem?

Also, has anyone ever used Bags.Bonanza.com? They have the bag I’ve been obsessing over but I’ve never bought anything in an auction with no returns, I’m scared! Any advice appreciated!


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I have to run to the post office right now and buy over 100 stamps, because today I will write out wedding invitations and stuff envelopes until my hands cramps up. The reason I’m telling you this is that I’m running too low on time to do a real post today. I promise a much better post tomorrow.

For today, I couldn’t leave you with nothing, so if you’re a fan of cats, be excited—because felines are having a beauty moment.

Paul & Joe recently came out with these lipsticks for their Fall collection that I’ve been meaning to feature for weeks (Thanks to Jessica Maxcy for the tip!). Some people may think these are really creepy, but I think they’re totally awesome. The only downside is that I’d never be able to use one of these cat-sticks because I wouldn’t want to wear the kitty’s face down to a stub. These are pretty much just a gimmick, but that’s fine with me, I still appreciate anything involving cats—especially if it also involves  make-up. Too bad Sephora doesn’t carry Paul & Joe anymore so I can’t play with them in person. Boo.

If that wasn’t enough cat/beauty cross-over for you, well then you can also check out MAC’s  Fabulous Felines Collection which came out a couple of weeks ago (see how behind I am?). The line consists of three color collections/cat breeds; Palace Pedigreed (inspired by the Russian Blue and consisting of plums and silvers), Leopard Luxe (features warm golds and oranges, inspired by the Lynx, Ocicat and other speckled and striped breeds), and Burmese Beauty (inspired by the emerald-green eyes and the pampered luxury of the Burmese breed).

(This isn’t one of my collages, the credit goes to MAC, pretty cute though, huh?)

Those are some cute cat cosmetics, I know my cat Loki likes them—I think he just fell in love!

If you think that picture needs a LOL cats caption, feel free to send along your suggestions.

And don’t forget to send me your best beauty buys or favorite trends! Check back tomorrow, I’m sorry for the sparse post today!

I should probably do something like ask people to guest post on days like this, but everyone I know is also incredibly busy also, so I don’t want to be a pain in the butt by asking them. If you are interested in guest posting on this blog (about your feelings on beauty, body image, cosmetics, shopping, cats, etc.) just let me know!


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Beauty Grab-Bag: Lush, Sparkle, & Kittens

So for this week’s Grab-Bag I have a few fun things to share. Firstly, my parents were recently in Quebec and my wonderful mother brought me back some Lush goodies (they’re cheaper up there because you don’t have to pay the import tax), including a new cleansing lotion called 9 to 5, and I love it.

It’s made with almond oil and dove orchid extract so it makes your skin really soft. It’s also supposed to be a make-up remover, but if you wear a lot of eye make-up it’s not strong enough to get all of it off. As a cleanser it’s really nice. I usually use a cleanser you have to rinse off with soap, but this one just needs to be wiped away with a face towel—and I tell you, it’s gentler on the skin. So far I’m really liking it.

Another great recent Lush product (recommended by my sister) is this Coconut deodorant powder. I’m a bit powder crazed, so when I saw this was a deodorant I was a little disappointed, but when I found out you can use it like a powder, and it has smell stopping deodorant-like properties, I got excited about it. It smells really nice and coco-nutty, similar to Lush’s trichomania solid shampoo. For the summer, just to be safe, I’ve still be using a real deodorant along with this powder, but I think in the cooler weather I’ll be able to use it alone. Also, as much as we like to pretend it’s not true, we sweat in other places but our underarms—and for the particularly dreaded boob-sweat, this stuff really works wonders!

In a post last week I discussed my search for purple wedding flats, well I found a pair, but they’re not purple. I was at DSW, and I came upon these. They were the most comfortable pair I tried on. Obviously if they were in purple it would be ideal, but silver kind of works too, I just can’t decide if I should keep looking for something similar in purple, or just stick with these.

They were $60, they’re gray suede, and they’re a perfect mix of cute (with the bows) and dress-up (with the sparkle). These pictures don’t do them justice, the sparkle is really nice, and since my dress is tea length and fifties inspired, the pointed style works too.

What say you readers? Keep looking or keep these?

Another recent purchase is this MAC eyeshadow, the color is ‘filament’, it’s very shimmery. It’s the first real eyeshadow I’ve bought at MAC since I stopped working there. I used to only buy the palette size, but for everyday use the palettes get unwieldy and it’s nice to have some that are stand alone. It’s not a new color and it sort of looks like fairy dust, which is appropriate since tomorrow for Beauty in the Movies we’re saying farewell to Summer with a bit of Shakespearean magic in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Oh right, I promised kittens, my sister recently adopted a couple, and they’re excessively cute, one of them is a Maine Coon named Thora and I think she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her paws are enormous, which only add to the cuteness. I didn’t get a good pic of the other guy, so I’ll save him for another day.

She’s pretty darn cute isn’t she?

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Beauty in the Movies, and also don’t forget to tell me about your best beauty buys!!


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Beauty Grab Bag Fun-Time

Looks like this might become a regular post. As I spoke about yesterday I’m feeling the wedding stress, and also it’s just fun to post about random things together.

Last week I brought you Winston the cat, this week I bring you Maru.

Maru is from Japan and if, like me, you’re an internet cat video aficionado, you probably already know him, but his videos never fail to be funny and adorable. You have to watch until the end to see his astounding box sliding abilities, it’s worth it, promise.

Box Jumping!

Alright, I have another little treat today, my friend Jessica has a good beauty buy to share. Here is a pic of her loot.

Here’s the story in her words:

“I got it at Bendel’s—was planning on just buying powder in a summer heat makeup emergency but they talked me into Fig body souffle, debuting exclusively at Bendel’s this week. Then to my surprise—all the stuff on the right came for free, pistachio scrub, lip gloss, foundation primer, a travel size mini powder of the one I bought, in a cosmetic pouch.

I love everything—and my favorite is the scrub it smells ridiculous. I will totally buy it again. They got me, and I’m glad!”

God I love free samples too, and this is an especially good set. I should point out here that I want to encourage (really encourage) people to send in their good beauty buys, because I know you have them, and I want to see them, and so does everyone else! They don’t have to be from Bendel’s, they can be from the drug store, or Sephora, or wherever you are surprised and delighted by something—a deal, or a product, or whatever, and send pictures!

While we’re on the subject of cosmetics, here is a new launch I’m very excited about. Combining two things I love, MAC and Disney villains, check out the MAC venomous villains collection!

These collections aren’t available until September 30th, and I’m a little disappointed that Ursula from The Little Mermaid didn’t get her own collection, I mean come on! The dude from The Princess and the Frog gets a collection, but no Queen of Hearts, or evil step-sisters either—seriously?

I am however jazzed for the Maleficent collection:

And the Evil Queen too:

I’ve loved the Disney Villains since I was a kid, I always thought they were more interesting than the princesses—well except for Ariel. When I was in 10th grade my friend Kevin bought me this mug at the Disney store for my Birthday, and it’s still my favorite mug!

Also, it’s August which means Fall is coming. So recently I can’t stop thinking about cute jackets and boots, it always happens this time of year. Here is a quick collage from polyvore. I really want a new fall jacket, I want one every year though, here are some cute options.

I don’t want summer to end, but I keep getting little flashes of how nice it feels to be cozy in a  pair of boots and socks, or maybe it’s just that I still wish I could go back-to-school shopping every year, or maybe it’s because fall is my favorite season. Whatever the reason, I love picking out cute new fall clothes, even if I can’t buy them, they’re so fun to look at and dream of jumping in piles of leaves!

Meet me back here for Beauty in the Movies tomorrow when we head back to the 90s for Reality Bites, grunge is SO hot right now—and don’t forget to send me your beauty buys if you’d like to have them featured! Don’t be shy!
Autumn boots and coats by justinez featuring TopShop

Waterfall Jacket
110 AUD – generalpants.com.au
More Don’t Ask Amanda jackets »

Joseph mega check tweed alcor jacket
95 GBP – flannelsfashion.com
More jackets »

Quest Blazer
$100 – modcloth.com
More blazers »

We Who See Lace-Up Boot
$128 – urbanoutfitters.com
More We Who See boots »

Frye Dorado Riding at Zappos.com
$498 – zappos.com


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Lovable Lipsticks

It often seems like you’re either a lipstick person or you’re not. My generation seems to prefer lip gloss and lip stains, not to mention tinted lip balm, over your standard lipstick. I think the time is ripe for a lipstick comeback, and I credit Mad Men for paving the way, who doesn’t want to look like Joan Holloway? I was never that much of a lipstick person. I tend to forget I’m wearing it and smudge it everywhere, and I’m also too lazy to re-apply it. My collection stands at a measly 29, and most of them are either from Clinique bonuses or gratis I received while working for M.A.C. Recently however, I’ve rediscovered lipstick, which has sparked me to go back and check out what I have, and of course buy some new ones!

Here is my current collection, not so interesting, definitely not nearly as interesting as nail polish.

Within seconds of setting these out my adorably, evil cat Loki jumped up into the middle of the shot, then he just sat there, all pissed at me for invading his space. Ugh, cats.

Some lipsticks I keep only because I love the packaging, mainly this applies to Anna Sui, in fact I’ve never been too crazy about any of her make-up, but the packaging gets me every time, I do love her perfume though.

Moving on, with lipstick you really need to see the color, and you can never tell what it looks like until you try it on. Unlike things like nail polish or eyeliner, you need to choose a shade that works with your skin tone. I was going to photograph the colors on my hand, but it wasn’t very interesting, so I got my lovely fiance James to try them out for me—no wait, just to photograph me, that would have been creepy. I’m also trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera so I won’t freak out when I have to take my wedding pictures, so please bear with me!

This is one of my favorites, and it’s only $12 at Sephora. It goes on a bit sheer and is very moisturizing!

Sephora Lip Attitude – Glamour in Rosy Frivol $12

This shade is a matte pinkish brown, I think it flatters a lot of skin tones, it was one of the bestselling shades when I worked at M.A.C, and I think it still is.

M.A.C. lipstick in Twig $14

If I were to eat a lipstick (which probably wouldn’t be advisable) it would be this one. It’s the most expensive in my collection by far at $30, but it is oh so delicious! It goes on very light and can be layered, and it has a glossy finish. A great summer lipstick, it’s not heavy at all, and gives a perfect, bright wash of color.

Gloss Volupte in Frozen Cherry $30

I used to wear this shade a lot and have only just rediscovered it. It has a 60’s mod vibe because it is a very light pink, not too bright. It is part of the Lustre Lipstick collection from M.A.C, which I happen to love because they are slightly more sheer and not messy, very easy to apply.

Mac Lustre lipstick in Lovelorn $14

I can’t pass up a Clinique bonus, which is where I got this shade. It is very berry colored, nice in the fall, and as usual with the Clinique bonuses it flatters many skin tones.

Clinique Different Lipstick in A Different Grape $14

I usually go for bright when I wear lipstick, but this one is a very pretty nude, very comfortable to wear, and goes on nice and smooth.

Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Blushing Nude $14

I had to leave out a bunch of my favorite colors because they’re no longer available, but I couldn’t leave this one out even though it was a limited edition and was discontinued. It is RED, like, serious red. It’s a huge pain to apply because it gets everywhere, but when you put it on you just have to pout like Gwen Stefani or snarl like Cyndi Lauper, which is fun, everyone should try a red lip every once in a while! You can try M.A.C in Russian Red or Lady Bug for a similar effect, or YSL Rouge Volupte in Red Muse ($34).

M.A.C. lipstick in Powerhouse (discontinued)

Remember what I said about skin tone and lipstick, yeah well here is an example of why it is important, gold lips + pale skin=not good.

This color has been discontinued also, but you can try the shade Chintz, for a similar frosty golden look.

M.A.C. lipstick in Golden Rule (discontinued)

I’ll end with my favorite lipstick, I got this one free with the back to M.A.C, which is a great program where you can bring six empty M.A.C. products (powder, lipstick, whatever as long as it’s M.A.C) and they give you a free lipstick, you can find more information about it here. It’s a great way to get a free product, and recycle.

I love this color, pink, bright, light, love it. I think this is the perfect shade for summer!

M.A.C Lustre Lipstick in Lustering $14

How does everyone else feel about lipstick, do you wear it? Does it make you feel beautiful? Do you have a favorite shade? If you don’t wear it, why not?


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