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Birds Of A Feather…Fly Into Glass Surfaces

On Monday morning I was upset to find a dead bird on my doorstep. I don’t think anyone likes to see dead animals—or dead anything for that matter, so I was pretty sad about it. It seemed strange because my front door is in a breezeway where there isn’t a place to perch or fall from. Maybe it was the cold weather? I’ve heard plenty of stories about cats leaving birds on doorsteps as gifts, but I don’t think any of the neighborhood cats are particular enamored of me. It did occur to me for a moment that a female cat spotted one of my Tabbys in the window and fell in love, they can be pretty cute, but unfortunately my life is not a Disney movie.

I called my dad who was kind enough to bury the poor thing and I went back about my life. The next morning as I was walking past my front door I heard a thud and was pissed that someone had thrown something at my house, but it was too small to be a newspaper and not hard enough to be a rock. I ran over to the door and lo-and behold, another bird laying in the exact same spot! It was then I realized these birds were flying themselves into my door cartoon-style, only it wasn’t very funny in real life.

I called my dad once again because I’m a baby and like I said, dead animals are really upsetting. Thankfully once he arrived the little bird was twitching and after a few minutes popped up and started to dazedly blink, he wasn’t dead, just stunned. After doing some research it turns out this is quite a common thing and I should have know about it. No one knows for sure, but it seems that birds see the reflection of sky in the glass and charge forward without thinking twice sometimes inadvertently killing themselves. This is why those big glass buildings all over Manhattan are not only ugly, but also anti-bird, so we should totally get the Audubon society after them. You can help the birds help themselves by breaking up the surface of glass, which is why my front door is now decorated with William Morris wrapping paper—I hope the birds appreciate it. So far there haven’t been any more incidents.

I feel like there is an important metaphor in there somewhere about flying head first into things, but I’ll leave each of you to draw your own conclusions. It was just too weird not to blog about it, maybe you’re all familiar with this phenomena already and have your windows and doors covered in bird friendly wrappings, if so, I apologize for my ignorance!

In keeping with the bird theme, check out this cute new peacock feather patterned scarf that just arrived in the mail from modcloth:

It’s not warm but it’s adorable, comfy, and goes with everything! While we’re on the theme, I’m also loving this new nail polish, Cuckoo For This Color from OPI’s Swiss collection. It’s a sparkly greenish blue that looks bright in the sunlight but muted and dark in the shade:

And that’s all there is in bird news today folks! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the return of Beauty in the Movies!



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Bathing beauties

It’s bathing suit season, and if you haven’t already heard, it’s time to go out and flaunt that body in the hot sun, have fun, play volleyball, eat some ice cream, lounge, do all that summery stuff. Unfortunately if you’re like me, feeling comfortable enough to do any of that stuff in a bathing suit is incredibly hard. I’ve already posted on how I feel at the beach, and how I try to move past it, so this is really about finding that perfect suit.

Making up the holy triad of painful clothing to shop for, we have jeans, bras, and bathing suits. It’s debatable which of the three is worst, but since bathing suits require you to wear the least amount of clothing that isn’t considered an undergarment, I think they’re pretty bad. Once Fall comes around I’ll go back to dreading jeans shopping, but for summer, it’s the bathing suit that has me stressed. I actually haven’t bought a new bathing suit in years, first off they’re really expensive, secondly you don’t really wear them all that much, (especially if you cover them up with shorts, t-shirts, or sun dresses) and thirdly it’s so hard to find one that will look good and stay current for at least a few years.

I like to think that summer wouldn’t be as stressful if I looked like this:

If I had that body I wouldn’t choose that bathing suit, but I would certainly rock a bikini, probably all the time. Sadly for me, I have nowhere near the ideal tan, thin, bikini wield-able body. I used to buy bathing suits purely on the patterns and didn’t really care about the cut since no one ever saw them under all those layers anyway.

Now, I live a block from the beach, I spend a fair amount of time there during the summer, and I’ve gotten really sick of being hot and uncomfortable in my protective layers, and also dealing with sand-covered cotton shorts or other clothing that was not meant to be worn in the ocean is a total pain. So, how to choose a new bathing suit?

I haven’t worn a bikini since I was a very small child, I’m still learning to love my stomach, it’s a constant battle, and I’m not ready to unleash it on the world just yet.

A lot of women, myself included, have the extra trouble of finding a suit with support in the chest area, especially without looking really athletic which always seems impossible.

Why are bathing suits always so high cut? What if I don’t feel like/can’t afford to get bikini waxes constantly?

Since it’s figure flattering, my first instinct is to go for black. This one from j.crew seems nice and timeless.

Tulle underwire tank from J.crew.com $125.00

But, I know j.crew suits are always lacking in both boob and butt coverage, so that’s a no. Also, I’m kind of bored by black, I like some color in the summer!

This one from Marc Jacobs is super cute!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Blaze One Piece Swimsuit from Piperlime.gap.com $173.00

I don’t think it will stand the test of time though, and I know I would get confused by those wrap around ties too.

A tankini perhaps?

Push-up tankini top $44.50 & scoop bottoms $28.50 from Victoriassecret.com

I’ve found that tankinis ride up, but I haven’t tried one in a while, this one is cute. Again, not so sure about the coverage here.

Wait, stop the press—I’ve finally I found a bathing suit with some real coverage that still looks sexy!

Bathing Beauty One Piece in Violet (and the name matches the title of my post—it’s a sign.) $89.99 from Modcloth.com

I think I might have found it, this suit gets tons of great reviews, and comes in a bunch of other colors and patterns too!

Also comes in plus sizes. HOT!

Gosh darn, they are out of stock in my size in the purple, I will either have to choose another color or wait it out. Does anyone have other suggestions of good places to look for suits? Or have you found your perfect suit for summer? How do you deal with waxing, support, and any other swim suit issues that tend to arise?

Here are some of my family photos from the early 50’s. Family members having fun, strutting their stuff and enjoying the sun and sand! I hope to be as care free as they all seem in these photos!

Great Uncle, Grandmother, Grandfather.

Aw, Grandma and Great Grandma.

A cousin wearing an adorable beach get-up.

Great Aunt and Uncle, I love this pic!


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